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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lady Gaga fever is certainly catching on in the most unlikeliest of places

When one thinks of the kind of person who's a typical Lady Gaga fan,the image of a glammed up teenager or twenty something hipster comes readily to mind for those who only see Gaga's over the top outfits and elaborate videos as the total sum of her fame parts.

Others like myself can look beyond the grease paint and glitter to the heart of her appeal,which is her musical talent and emotional daring that make Gaga the pop icon she has become.

The folks who flock to the Haus of Gaga are as diverse as any you'd find in a typical outlet mall on a good weather weekend and while some may shop at Sears and some at Hot Topic,the mutual appreciation for the tunes of Lady G brings us all together.

Even in places far from home,Gaga's songs can make you feel as if you've never left. A recent viral video hit showcases a group of soldiers stationed in Afghanistan doing their own version of "Telephone". Considering the terrible strain those guys are under on a daily basis,it's nice to know that they can chill out when necessary and make some sweet moves on the dance floor:

The latest Gaga related video sensation has a young man named Greyson Chance performing "Paparazzi" at his school's talent show,wowing everyone with his excellent rendition of the song.

Chance has gotten a few more than fifteen minutes of fame from this,including an appearance on Ellen this week with Gaga herself calling into the show to encourage Greyson's musical ambitions. Now,if that isn't a ladylike gesture to make,I don't know what is:

Interestingly enough,a capella groups seem to have a real fondness for the songs of Gaga. A group of male college students did an outdoors presentation of "Bad Romance" that amused their audience and has made the YouTube rounds quite nicely.

I don't know what school this is,but if any of these guys aren't enrolled in their university's theatrical department,they should be. Their choreography is not bad, even by So You Think You Can Dance audition standards:

Not to be outdone by the boys,an all-girl a capella choir from Hofstra University has their own version of "Paparazzi" online. While the ladies don't dance around here,bonus points are awarded for clever tie-in use of props:

Lady Gaga has even become a favorite on the wedding circuit,with numerous bridal parties reenacting her signature moves as entertainment before and after vows are exchanged.

While the question of whether or not "Bad Romance" is a suitable theme for such an event intended to celebrate a healthy love connection is still up in the air,this first dance by a newly wed couple to "Love Game" is heartening to observe.

Their slightly naughty routine is a good sign that these two are in sync in more than one area of their lives and hopefully,they'll stay in step for a long time to come:

Seeing Gaga mania go mainstream like this is wonderful,since music should be a uniting force for good rather than a negative divider. The lady herself seems to be fine with all of this,due to that old saying about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

Not all imitations are flattering,however,but the heartfelt passion behind even the weakest of attempts can make up for that in abundance:

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