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Monday, May 24, 2010

A slew of summer shows are about to be served up on a TV near you

As many of our regular TV series are winding down for the year,some of which are closing their doors for good as such the highly anticipated and widely discussed as we speak finale to Lost last night,you may think that the old chestnut about "there's nothing good on" may be coming true.

Of course,that notion can be judged merely in the eye of the beholder,as a number of summer time only shows are eagerly setting up their stations to feed your media appetite for more stay at home entertainment. To entice your hunger for a few of these TV morsels,here's a little preview of what's on the network menu:


In addition to a new round of Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef taking their act to D.C.,The Next Food Network Star will start their sixth season on June 6. They've moved to a new locale,L.A.,and have given the budding chef celebs a mentor,Giada De Laurentiis,as their culinary Tim Gunn.

Other FN stars have made appearances here before and it looks like more of them will be showing up. The real personalities to watch for,however,are the contestants themselves,who must prove their Ready for Prime Time telegenic ability as well as their cooking skill set:

There will also be competition shows that stay out of the kitchen;Bravo is launching a new series for up and coming artists called Work of Art and HGTV will be heading back to New York for a new season of Designstar on June 13.

The same panel of judges will be on board(Candice and Genevieve work well with mainstay Vern Yip)and the challenge locales will range from a firehouse to a fashion show as well as some of the usual obstacles put in the path of our intrepid designers. Should be stylish fun for all:


The third season of True Blood will be baring it's fangs on June 13 and this time around,it won't just be vampires. Werewolves will be making their presence known to Sookie,as she searches for Bill,who was snatched up right after he asked for her hand in marriage(rather convenient or inconvenient timing there,depending on your point of view).

Eric will be joining in that search party,mainly to score some points of his own with our heroine and there's plenty of other subplot goodies for the rest of the Bon Temps crew to feast upon,not too happily tho,I'm afraid:

Mad Men will be arriving a bit late to the summer block party,with their fourth season beginning near the end of July. Their arrival will be rather noticeable,especially after their tricky Ocean's Eleven finale last season that had most of the old gang splitting the scene to start up a brand new agency.

This new set-up could be a real shot in the arm here or an avenue best left unexplored in the end. Either way,the journey's the whole point of the long strange trip we're about to take with these characters and one worth packing up a suitcase and climbing aboard for:


Comedy Central will be doing more that just rolling out the repeats(one of which is the first syndicated run of F/X's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)this summer. Brand new episodes of the cult cartoon favorite Futurama will be airing by June 24.

The total run of this new season is 24 half hour episodes,giving Fry yet another chance to win the love of Leela and Bender new opportunities to rip off the public. Everyone who wants to rejoice at this should,but keep an eye on your wallet there:

For a few live action laughs,IFC is premiering the fourth season of The Whitest Kids U Know on June 11. For those who need to catch up,the Season 2 DVD set was released last week,packed with all sorts of fun facts to know and share.

This wacky pack of a show is a favorite in my household,to the point that my sister has a nifty Facebook fan forum for the faithful to check out for updates and other info,including promo videos like this one:

I hope this write-up helps you plan your summer TV watching schedule but I hope it's not your only option for pop culture amusement this season. As much as I like chilling out in front of the tube,you don't want to get too carried away with channel surfing there. Spending more than your fair share of time in TV world could ultimately end up with a very special Oompa Loompa song being sung in your honor:

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