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Friday, July 23, 2010

Hanging out in the Comic Con movie trailer park

Out in San Diego this weekend,Comic Con 2010 is taking place and amongst the many pop culture delights on display there are several big promos for upcoming films. If you're like me and wish you could be there but can't,watching a handful of these trailers can be the next best thing.

First up is the highly anticipated Tron:Legacy, the sequel to the cult commercial film starring Jeff Bridges as a computer genius trapped in a video game world. Bridges is on deck again here,appearing as older and younger versions of himself,with his now adult son(Garret Hedlund) entering this secret cyber world in order to find his father and get some answers about the past.

While I enjoyed the original Tron,it wasn't a major movie for me(preferred The Last Starfighter instead)but clearly this cinematic update was given a lot of well thought out development in the f/x department and hopefully with the script as well:

Coming a bit soon to a theater near you,Vampires Suck is an out and out parody of the Twilight saga,with several other trendy targets tossed in for dubiously funny flavor. It might be amusing, perhaps more so to those already disinclined to the current fan fever for supernatural sweethearts these days:

For something way more scary,M Knight Shyamalan has executive producer credits on a fear flick called The Devil. This is intended to be the first of three films in what is being called The Night Chronicles trilogy and in the director's chair is a pair of brothers,Drew and John Erick Dowdle.

The story has five people become trapped in an elevator,with one of them being revealed to be the ultimate in evil. This may sound like your standard horror movie mayhem but judging from the trailer,The Devil could turn out to be one hell of a ride:

The success of Despicable Me at the box office this summer bodes well for another nice guy villain animated feature due this fall.

MegaMind has Will Ferrell voicing the title fiend whose lifelong battle with the smug superhero Metro Man(Brad Pitt) comes to an unexpected end and a new nemesis must be found to keep his evil empire going. The ready made hero,however,has diabolical plans of his own that leaves our lead villain as the savior of the day.

Plenty of top comedians are on hand to lend their vocal skills to the characters such as Tina Fey,David Cross and Jonah Hill and with such a skillfully satirical concept in play,we have the makings of a rise in the reluctant villain genre there,folks:

Soon enough,all of these movies will be available for our viewing pleasure along with the other goodies being pumped up at Comic Con as well. While going to one of these events can be incredibly fun,it can also be an insanely hectic experience. Entering this arena of fantasy play is no light task to be undertaken,especially when it comes to your wallet.

Whether or not you can wait for your geek thrills,the best thing about all of this hoopla is that fantasy in all of it's genre forms is still a hot ticket item for the industry bigwigs to invest in that will hopefully give a few diamonds in the rough the pop culture polish they need:

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Ladytink_534 said...

I really do want to go to this some year! I'm honestly not sure if I've ever seen the original Tron but this one looks kind of neat.

Vampires Suck is an awful lot like those Scary Movie films which I refused to watch but the trailer did make me laugh a little so... I dunno, I may end up watching it. I don't really like elevators in the first place so I'll probably skip Devil. I'm always a little skeptical about "animated" movies that host a lot of big name talent. They usually have a big opening but then they're forgotten in a few years.

Love the Comic Con song!!!