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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some rock'em-sock'em action awaits you at the movie trailer park

While we still have more summer popcorn movies on deck to receive the full bang for your buck ,there are a few action packed flicks to look forward to in the fall(and beyond).

Saving an escapist feature for a time when more seriously toned fare becomes the entertainment order of the day can be a rather cinematic savvy move,especially in these tricky economic times we're living in,not to mention a welcome relief for those seeking the simple pleasures of a kiss,kiss,bang bang romp at the multiplex.

Coming to the big screen on October 15th, RED is a DC Comics/Homage adaptation starring Bruce Willis as a retired CIA agent who has to saddle up again with his old crew(Morgan Freeman,John Malkovich and Helen Mirren)to find out who wants to kill him this time. It sounds like a lot of fun,especially seeing Helen Mirren as a hit woman with homemaker skills:

Part of the fun in the underappreciated Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse were the fake movie trailers placed in between the double features that many wished would be coming soon to a theater near them.

Well,Robert Rodriguez decided to grant that request and longtime supporting player Danny Trejo will be getting his due as leading man in Machete this September. Some big old school action names are on board this cast,including Steven Seagal and Don Johnson with Robert De Niro himself taking on a major role. Nice going for a little revenge movie idea blown up real good:

Naturally,no genre movie rundown would be complete without mentioning a sequel so here comes part four of one of the most successful video game adaptations to date.

Resident Evil: Afterlife has Milla Jovovich still at the helm and teaming up other survivors of the deadly virus released by the Unbrella Corporation to find out what sinister tricks those guys are yet up to,plus fight off the usual batch of zombies.

This latest installment is in 3D,surprise,surprise. Oh,well,this gimmick was meant to enhance movies like this in the first place so it's only fitting to get that extra bit of razzle dazzle demolition here:

Despite the date on some of the promo art,the official adaptation of the classic action hero The Green Hornet will not be out and about until January of 2011. Comedian Seth Rogan will be doing the leading man honors here,with Cameron Diaz as his intended love connection and Jay Chou as sidekick extraordinaire,Kato.

The quality of this movie is yet to be determined,altho releasing it in midwinter is not a strong sign of studio support there. However,that time of the movie going year has yielded sweet surprises before,so it may be too soon to count this new crime fighter caper out(even in 3D):

With the competition for movie audience moolah being more fast and furious than any of those Vin Diesel films,we may be getting more over the top action fare from Hollywood sooner than expected. Hopefully,some of those major motion pictures will be worth the time and effort put into them and even revive a flagging career or two(except for Mel Gibson,who needs to stay away from the spotlight for a good long while there):

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