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Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Top Ten Things I learned from Twilight:Eclipse

I got my Independence Day weekend off to a nice start yesterday by checking out the latest cinematic chapter in the Twilight Saga. The movie has already set some new box office records and gathered a few reviews that actually praised this third of four(said fourth part to span two film lengths)entries,which intrigued me to see it as soon as possible.

Eclipse has our now familiar trio of would-be lovers facing several obstacles to their heart's desire,with the major one being preparing for an attack by the newborn vampire army created by the vengeful Victoria(with Bryce Dallas Howard playing the role originated by Rachel LeFevre)and lead by her appointed general,former Forks resident Riley(Xavier Samuel).

One of the things that was enjoyably different about the movie vs. the book was the expansion of the vampire army story line,including a sweet scene in which Victoria uses her seductive wiles on her neophyte vampire leader to send their troops off to battle the Cullens.

Some of this may have come from the recent Bree Tanner novella written by Stephanie Meyer(which I haven't read yet)or not,but it was a nice counterpoint to the romantic angst brewing up between Bella and Edward over their getting married with the addition of Jacob's determination to have Bella admit to her feelings for him. Good stuff there,but taking a gander at the rise of Victoria's troops helped to remind those who haven't read the books that big battle action was on the way.

Another favorable development in the film was how the back stories of Rosalie(Nikki Reed) and Jasper(Jackson Rathbone)were showcased in the narrative.

Those character development moments for these two Cullen family members were necessary to bring them out of the background they've been in for the earlier movies yet their past histories could have easily lent themselves towards a more R rated approach.

However,enough of their former exploits on screen were shown that kept in line with the PG-13 rating required to let in the vast majority of Twilight fans and well handled without either resorting to watered down renditions or becoming distractions to the main plot.

And yes,the Volturi made their presence known by being on the sidelines deliberately during the vampire army assault and while those stylish fiends will have more to do than sinisterly glower in the duo of Breaking Dawn sequels,Dakota Fanning seems to certainly be amused by her role of pain giver Jane.

Her subtle take on the part is a real highlight of the film and you can tell she's chomping at the bit to do more(which she will soon enough). Hopefully,a little extra leeway will be given to her scenes in Breaking Dawn that will allow Fanning to strut her fearsome stuff for the dark delight of all.

Twilight:Eclipse is a movie that will be best liked by the fans rather than newcomers to this series but I think that even someone dragged to this movie by a friend or relative can find something to amuse themselves with here. The battle sequences were pretty entertaining and a couple of well place one liners by both Edward and Jacob give a nice wink and nod to the proceedings.

So,to wrap things up as neatly as I can,here are the Top Ten points to ponder as you walk away from Eclipse:

10) A girl does have the right to know if a vampiress is on the hunt for her:

9) Werewolf telepathy does have it's drawbacks,especially if you're in love with an unattainable girl.

8) Yes,he does own a shirt but all's fair in love and war there,buddy:

7) Having to have a sex talk with your dad is more scarier than facing off against a newborn vampire army.

6) Being in the vampire army means no more tears,unless you want to be dead again:

5) Werewolves are literally hotter than vampires.

4) Just because someone doesn't like you,that doesn't mean she hates you. She might just have an issue with your life choices:

3) Rushing a member of the Volturi into a decision is not a smart move to make:

2) Telling your potential vampire mate not to worry about saying good bye to her loved ones by pointing out they'll all be dead in a few decades may not be the most tactful approach to her emotional dilemma.

1) The Volturi do not give second chances:

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