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Friday, November 19, 2010

Check out what's lurking around the Holiday Movie Trailer Park these days.

With the release of the next to last Harry Potter film this weekend and other major motion pictures(some of which are meant as prime Oscar bait)this season,plenty of promos for even more new movies will be crowding the multiplex screens.

Most of them will be for potential blockbusters,due to arrive in 2011,and even if it may be awhile before you can hit the theaters yourself,that doesn't mean you can't catch up with the latest hits on the trailer parade.

First up on our list of red hot cinematic contenders is Red Riding Hood,starring Amanda Seyfried as Valerie, the newest incarnation of the classic Grimm Brothers heroine.

Valerie is a young woman of courting age in a medieval village that's under siege from a werewolf and in order to protect the man she loves,an alliance is made with a self proclaimed hunter(Gary Oldman)to find out who the local shapeshifter truly is. Catherine Hardwicke,who directed the first of the Twilight movies,is behind the camera here and hopefully she can bring some new flair to this time honored tale of terror(March 2011):

Another well known literary damsel in distress is getting a fresh new face as Jane Eyre makes her millennial debut. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland leading lady Mia Wasikowska takes the title role with Michael Fassbinder as her Mr. Rochester,plus a few other familiar British actors on the supporting player side such as Judi Dench and Jamie Bell.

Director Cary Fukunaga's main emphasis for this version of Charlotte Bronte's most widely read novel are the Gothic elements of the story and judging by this trailer alone,mission accomplished indeed(March 2011):

Tis the season for saving young ladies as a remake of the John Wayne western that won him an Oscar, True Grit ,is set to arrive under the movie house tree by Christmas Day. Joel and Ethan Coen take up the reins here and along with newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross,the 14 year old heroine seeking help in tracking down the man who killed her father,Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges are on board as well.

Bridges plays Rooster Cogburn,an alcoholic disgraced lawman who somewhat officially takes up the quest and if anyone has the guts to reprise a legendary role as this one is,Jeff Bridges is certainly up to the task at hand.

The Coen brothers contend that their adaptation of the 1968 novel by Charles Portis will be closer to the original source material than it's Hollywood predecessor was. While that surely will be a subjective matter of opinion, the Coen brothers have a proven record of being no strangers to the cutthroat world of desperate souls out in the wild West and masters of that particular domain in all settings. Definitely a red meat movie that feeds the mind as well as the body(December 25,2010):

For a more off beat take on the Western genre,we have Cowboys & Aliens to look forward to. Daniel Craig stars as Jake Longeran,a stranger to the small town of Absolution who is a mystery even to himself.

As he is being confiscated by local law enforcement for various crimes as well as pursued by vengeful regional despot Colonel Woodrow Dollarhyde(Harrison Ford),the arrival of space invaders on the scene puts everything on hold.

The only thing standing in the way between the outer space attackers and the townfolk is the strange shackle on Jake's arm that possesses high tech powers clearly not of this world or the time period. Iron Man's director Jon Favreau has teamed up with top notch sci-fi writers Damon Lindeloff and Alex Kurtzman for what looks to be one hell of a ride for next summer-keep your fingers crossed,folks!(July 2011):

Last and possibly least on our lineup is Green Lantern,the next DC superhero to be unleashed on the silver screen. Don't get me wrong,fan folk-I dig seeing the home world of the Green Lantern Corps and several of it's residents(including major GL nemesis Sinestro)but Ryan Reynolds is not my ideal Hal Jordan.

From what I recall from the comics,Reynolds has more of a Guy Gardiner personality which ,for those unfamiliar with the various GL players over the years,allows more for the wisecracking snarky antics that his fans love best about him.

However,sometimes even a predictable actor can surprise you and given the fact that script is going beyond the basic origin story,this might be a decent comic book based adventure-emphasis on might be to be taken rather strongly here(June 17,2011):

So,whether or not you're watching a movie at a theater near you or courtesy of Netflix,these trailers should give you hope of future film related good times for next year.

As for the Harry Potter fans who will be swarming as many screenings of Part One of The Deathly Hallows before New Year's Eve as they can,let us enjoy this successful series to the very last frame and refrain from driving those who haven't read the books crazy about what's to come in Part Two.

As another anointed hero would not so gladly remind us,with great power comes great responsibility,even for the supporters on the sidelines:

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