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Monday, January 17, 2011

B movie ballyhoo awaits you this midwinter season

With the Golden Globes setting off serious movie season for the award show set,some folks may want to just sit back and relax with a good old fashioned grade B movie.

Granted,our entertainment budget is rather tight these days but if all of the buzzed about films being nominated are not playing at a theater near you or stuck on a long rental wait list,a nifty little genre flick may be your best ticket for film fun.

Horror is a pretty sure bet for B movie madness and by the end of January,Anthony Hopkins will be providing that worthy service in The Rite. Hopkins plays an experienced exorcist who is charged with training a skeptical young priest in the ways of casting out demons.

Things get more complicated when Hopkins falls prey to possession and his student has to muster up some faith to save his master. Demon possession seems posed to make a strong comeback in the genre world(thanks to last year's The Last Exorcism)and watching Hopkins make with the monster faces is quite the cherry on the scary sundae:

Opening up to little fanfare this past weekend,martial artist Tony Jaa brings us Ong Bak 3:The Final Battle. This is one of those trilogies that doesn't require you to have seen either of the earlier films,yet all the more fun for you if you have.

This third chapter is set back in past and has our hero defending a small village from evil invaders,a few of which have supernatural powers. That won't be too much of a problem for Tony and his incredible kickass skills.

Say what you will about action films with little to none in terms of plot,Tony Jaa on screen is never boring,folks:

For some sci-fi follies,we have I Am Number Four,based on a YA novel by Jobie Hughes and James Frey(yes,that James Frey). The targeted teen of the title is one of nine refugee aliens from a distant planet who are being raised on earth in order to avoid truly becoming the last of their kind.

With his previous fellow being having already been eliminated by their outer space enemies,Number Four has to rev up his growing powers to not only protect himself but the girl he's fallen in love as well.

The release date for this one is February 18,which should make for a better late than never Valentine's Day date movie for the science fiction inclined:

Speaking of Valentine's Day,the ladies are far from being excluded from B movie land. There are at least two female focused flicks on the horizon,one for the romantics and the other for the women warriors(more on that in a moment).

Jane Austen fans in particular will be delighted to see an updated twist on Sense and Sensibility in From Prada to Nada,set in L.A. where two very different sisters find out that their chic lifestyle is no longer available to them upon the death of their father and the arrival of a previously unknown brother.

Flighty Mary and her somewhat more practical sister Nora move with their mother to the home of an aunt living in East L.A. and try to make the best of things. Naturally,the girls meet up with a couple of potential love interests and various hijinks ensue. This sounds like a sweet treat for a girls' night out for any age:

March brings the Kill Bill type of gal something to really sink her teeth into,as Sucker Punch explodes across the screen. Director Zack Snyder is no stranger to the pumped up fantasy film but this frenzied flick promises to be a real diva doozy.

The plot is centered around Babydoll,a young woman forced into a madhouse and next in line for a lobotomy,who is determined to escape the harsh reality of her surroundings by taking strength from her fantasy life.

She teams up with four other inmates to launch a daring breakout that could have strangely unexpected consequences for them all. This should be one hell of a ride for fanboys and girls alike:

Even if you chose to be choosy about what B movie you're willing to waste your time and money on,don't get too upset if you miss it in theaters. Movies are quicker to come out on video and play endlessly on cable these days. Just be sure to check on the time and date before pre-ordering your ticket:

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