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Friday, February 11, 2011

Love, Sitcom Style

With this being Valentine's Day weekend,many of our pop culture thoughts turn to topics of love and romance in all of it's forms.

As a much needed comic relief on this subject for some of us, I have gathered together a array of appropriately themed clips from a few of my favorite sitcoms that should make for a nice mixed media box of chuckle worthy chocolates. My version of a funny Valentine,if you will.

After all,laughter is an attractive quality in a mate and the misunderstandings of love make for great funny fodder in any standard sitcom story line,so you could say that these two were meant to be together in a strangely silly sort of way:


On Reba,while the former Mrs. Hart was trying to avoid making a Valentine's Day commitment to her current boyfriend,son-in-law Van was suffering the slings and arrows of taking his stingy father-in-law Brock's advice about not splurging on gifts for his wife.

While Van wasn't able to grab a good gift in time to keep up with Brock,who unexpectedly treated his new bride to a holiday themed present,he managed to top him by writing Cheyenne a poem that came straight from his heart. That off the cuff ditty is also an amusing display of Van's unique way with words as well:


During the teen years for Becky and Darlene on Roseanne,the eldest Miss Connor did try to help her younger sis with her budding attempts at romance. There were a number of hilarious hold-ups along the way,such as their mother's constant crabbing about Dan forgetting her on Valentine's Day and that the boy in question was really interested in Becky to begin with:


One of the best bits of advice to remember on Golden Girls is "don't let Rose plan any events!". While she always meant well,the St.Olaf sweetheart tended to pick the worst places to celebrate(Dorothy's birthday party at the Ha-Ha Hot dog Hacienda springs to mind) or take trips to.

When Blanche,Dorothy and Rose decided to spend Valentine's Day weekend at a secluded resort,a certain somebody didn't read the section of the brochure that explained that it was a clothing optional setting.

Granted,Blanche seemed to get into the spirit of things but even she blushed when the three of them choose an inopportune moment to follow the hotel's dress code:


A Valentine's Day themed episode of Frasier had dad Martin and home therapist Daphne spending the holiday together in a platonic restaurant outing since neither of them had significant others at the moment. While they each took turns in cheering the other up about their lack of love interests,it was hard for the two of them not to quarrel a little about their manner of making someone feel better:

I hope these sweetly silly scenes put you in the mood for a marvelous Valentine's Day and whet your appetite for love.

Speaking of appetite,take it easy on the holiday candy,folks. Even if you stock up on the day-after specials,those goodies can gain some giddy and giggle worthy momentum on you:

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