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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few pop culture foodie items to add to your mental menu

Food related pop culture may seem like a stale staple these days but there's always something new to savor on the horizon. For example,HBO is sending forth a most intriguing promo for their upcoming miniseries,A Game of Thrones,that is literally mouth watering.

A set of specially themed food trucks,with menus created by Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio,will be setting up shop in New York and L.A. to offer up a taste of Westeros,the fictional country of the fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin that the show is based upon. If you're interested in checking them out,their schedules can be found at either the official website or their Facebook page.

I'm just starting the books myself and looking forward to the show,which begins on April 17, and this unexpected approach in enticing both old fans and new sounds great. Getting the flavor of this world,whether it's King's Landing,the Riverlands or the dreaded Wall,in this hands on way adds to the excitement of discovering this engaging realm of enchantment:

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more culinary competition shows out there,another tasty treat is plated for your viewing pleasure. Season Two of Last Cake Standing will begin this Sunday,to be hosted by Justin Willman of Cupcake Wars and on the judging panel,FNC regular Keegan Gerhard and our favorite high priestess of pastry,Kerry Vincent.

Eight of the top pastry chefs who have made memorable appearances on Food Network Challenges will be competing for a grand prize of $100,000 and that competition should be fierce. Folks such as Jason Ellis,Jorg Amsler,Marina Sousa and Richard Ruskell are amongst those ready to do battle with batter in tasks that call for even higher stakes than ever before:

One of the people to watch out for in this year's LCS is Orlando Serrano,who has been on FNC at least ten times and won so many of those challenges that a special red coat was awarded to him.

He's been on an amazing streak,with cakes that truly bring to life such animated delights as Shrek and Toy Story 3 as well as events like Mardi Gras or concepts like urban legends. His latest victory was Easter themed,to make an extreme cake for the new movie Hop,and it was really sweet to see his bunny get to rock out there. Good luck,Orlando,altho it may be your competitors who need it more:

I hope that these delicious bits of pop culture whet your appetite for more but do be mindful of those who find the subject less than palatable. Edible enthusiasm can cause others to find ways to shut down the topic faster than a microwave can heat up your leftovers,with a touch of crankiness on the side:

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