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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few B-movie stops at the movie trailer park

There's a lot of summer movie previews being touted about lately,which highlight mainly the supposed cream of the current upcoming crop of films set to be unleashed within the next few months.

However,keeping an eye out for those definitely not on the A list flicks before they come to a theater near you is a smart idea,especially if you want to avoid spending your time and money on something better off being a rental.

The first target in our line-up is Dylan Dog: Dead of Night,starring former Superman Brandon Routh as the unofficial human watchdog of the local supernatural society in New Orleans. The jokey nature of the trailer,along with the rather weak looking f/x,suggests that we have one of the most dreaded sub-genres in B movie land on our hands here-the horror comedy that tries to take itself seriously:

If you're in search of a ground breaking foreign film to sample this summer,don't be fooled by The Troll Hunter.

This Norwegian fear flick is an out and out mockumentary that takes the Blair Witch Project/Last Exorcism route as a group of film students stumble onto a menace straight of folklore on their way to checking out a local bear poacher.

While the movie seems to have a handful of offbeat charm and you do get to see some troll attack action,most of the humor here appears to be pretty juvenile at best. It might be amusing to watch as a bargain matinee or if you're in a low expectations kind of mood:

Hobo with a Shotgun,however,might actually be worth an opening weekend excursion.

Based upon a mock trailer placed in director Robert Rodriquez's half of Grindhouse(much like Machete a few months ago),this tale of urban vengeance stars Rutger Hauer as the outraged homeless man who feels that he has no choice but to take matters in his own hands and spread some deadly justice.

The over the top energy on display and having Rutger at the helm of this mad as hell action thriller sounds like true B movie fun. This movie is hitting the theaters around the same time that Thor is,so you may want to consider Hobo with a Shotgun as your back-up plan that weekend:

Of course,even amongst the B movies,we can not escape the wrath of the remake. A spanking new version of Conan the Barbarian will be released in August and as is the way of these things of late,it'll be in 3D.

Newcomer Jason Momoa takes the title role,with the likes of Rose McGowan and Stephan Lang popping up in bad guy roles. The story has a few changes from the one that made Arnold Schwartzenegger's resume but it's basically the same type of sword and sorcery deal as before.

How well this new Conan will do is still to be undetermined or if it will launch the career of it's leading man the way the original did. At this point,the odds are fifty-fifty and you might be better off checking out one of those Starz miniseries that cover similar territory:

Sorry to be so glum but it's hard to muster up any enthusiasm for most of the B movie offerings out there this season. Maybe we need a new movie mentor to show us the way towards the best of the bad,a Joe Bob Briggs or an Elvira for this new generation of movie mania. If we wish it,he or she may step forward,folks:

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