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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Scaring up a few thrills at the movie trailer park

It's beginning to look a lot more like spring these days,which means amongst other things that horror movies are back in bloody bloom. Granted,we had a few creepy chills during the midwinter season but warmer weather does tend to encourage studios to bring out their better fear fests for multiplex consumption.

Our first tiptoe through the terror flicks is Insidious,released last Friday which is a cinematic collaboration between the creators of the Saw franchise(writer Leigh Whannell and director James Wan)and the production team behind Paranormal Activity.

The story has a pair of frightened parents(Rose Byrne,Patrick Wilson)seeking answers as to why a series of bizarre events revolving around their comatose son keeps occurring in their home. Reviews have been on the positive side for this film and it does appear to be one of those rare birds, a scary movie that truly lives up to it's hype:

Speaking of scary movies,Scream 4 is set to make a splash next week with three of the main stars of the satirical slasher saga in the forefront.

When self help author Sydney Prescott(Neve Campbell)makes her hometown of Woodsboro the last stop on her book tour,a new Ghostface killer decides to make it his first stop in small town slaughter.

Aided by the former friend Deputy Dewey and former frenemy Gail Weathers(David Arquette and Courtney Cox),along with a set of new gen players such as Emma Roberts,Hayden Panettiere and Erik Knudson,Sydney has no choice but to do literal battle with her deadly past.

This sequel has a mixed bag of expectations attached to it,particularly since Scream 3 was such a cinematic stumble for the series. Maybe the fourth time will be the charm in this case:

For a newer take on classic monsters,the upcoming movie Priest takes place in a world where vampires have been waging war on humanity for hundreds of years,creating the need for a warrior class of holy men and women.

Paul Bettany stars as the title character who leaves the relative safety of one of the remaining strongholds for mortals to search for his niece(Lily Collins),taken captive by the undead. his quest is joined by the wasteland sheriff in love with her(Cam Gigandet)and a former Priestess(Maggie Q)with her own motives for seeking out the vampire army.

The film is based on a Korean comic written by Min-Woo Hyung and will no doubt have several changes from the source material,yet Priest does promise to be an intriguing mix of horror,sci-fi and westerns,so it may be worth a look(altho I could do without the 3D):

News of another horror movie remake scheduled for last summer such as Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is not that special except for the facts that this fear flick is a remake of a 1973 made-for-TV movie to be put out into regular theaters and that renowned fantasy director Guillermo Del Toro is one of it's backers.

Katie Holmes and Guy Pierce take the leads as a couple who moves into an old house with plans for renovations which uncover a horde of creepy creatures looking to make the little girl that lives them one of their own.

The film is directed by Troy Nixey,a comic book artist making his debut here and judging by the trailer alone,he seems to have found his calling indeed:

With all of the scary stuff going on in the real world,a horror movie seems like the best refuge to take at times. However,it's good to remember that escaping into a fantasy realm has it's own perils and that the best way to enjoy a fright fest is to keep in mind that everything is not what it seems:

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