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Friday, May 13, 2011

A set of Friday the 13th funnies scared up from the small screen

Happy Friday the 13th,folks-plenty of spookiness to be found today,especially if you're a delusional out of work sitcom star who still thinks that no one can replace him on that popular show of his(as the tuna commercial used to say,sorry Charlie!).

Taking today's theme by the horns, one of the best ways to overcome your fears is laughter,which many a comedy show and even a few dramas have eagerly embraced.

For your eerie amusement,here are a handful of scary subjects explored and exploited for giggles on the TV fictional front:

GHOSTS: Most of the time,these undead spirits only crop up on shows dealing with witches,vampires or moody gals needing to practice their therapy skills.

However,they can be invoked for strictly entertainment purposes elsewhere,as Reba did for one episode when Barbara Jean's constant overreactions to the idea of her house being haunted kept cracking her up.

Unfortunately,that game backfired on her as Barbara Jean started haunting Reba for real by refusing to leave her side until the unworldly menace was sent packing:

CLOWNS: Fear of these professional merry makers is no laughing matter for some,especially Special Agent Seeley Booth on Bones. This top notch crime fighter has no hesitation when it comes to throwing himself into the path of danger but one literal bozo gives him the shakes,not to mention an extra itchy trigger finger:

LIVING NIGHTMARE: Bad dreams are far from fun but usually you can breath a sigh of relief about them once you wake up. Having one of them appear to come true in the real world is the ultimate nightmare,unless you're dealing with more than one freak-out at a time.

On the Golden Girls,the ladies took a trip together that was meant to kill two terrors with one stone-Dorothy's fear of flying and Rose's of public speaking. However,it was Blanche who had the real fright as her reoccurring dream about being trapped with a group of bald men on a doomed ride seemed to be come alive all around them:

ANIMAL ATTACKS: Coming face to face with wild creatures in the work place is rather unsettling,unless you're used to running into them at the water cooler on a regular basis. The way that your co-workers react to the introduction of a critter in their employee environment can tell you a lot about them,indeed.

One of my favorite episodes of The Office has a bat invade the less than hallowed quarters of Dunder Mifflin,causing most of the gang to shriek,hide and in the case of Stanley,flee for the day.

Dwight and Jim,of course,did what came naturally to them;one took extreme charge of the situation while the other took humorous advantage of it:

I hope this string of silly clips gives any of you out there feeling a little silly about being spooked on a day like this something to enjoy. Even the most sensible of us can fall prey to our worst notions about what a certain day,time or place can mean.

So,let's just relax and try not to worry too much about what's to come or we'll never get anything positive accomplished. Getting all worked about Friday the 13th is fine when planning a horror movie marathon but that should be the extent of it. After all,it's not like Saturday the 14th is closing in on us or something...that would truly be scary!:

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