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Friday, June 24, 2011

A light summer salad with pop culture dressing

There are a few odds and ends left over from this week's pop culture news and the best thing to do with leftovers is mix them together for a tasty meal. So,let us start with the biggest item in the showcase,J.K. Rowling's huge announcement.

For some time now,a website called Pottermore has been teasing the interest of Harry Potter readers,wondering if perhaps this was the author's way of saying that she has a new book in store for us.

Turns out that this site intends to be both a place where the E-book editions of the entire Potter series can be purchased(starting this October)and an interactive arena that will include expanded info on the mythos of the HP world. There's even an opportunity for fans to get an early glimpse;just give them your e-mail addy and by the end of July,you'll be notified on how to get your window of opportunity there.

The E-book portion of the story is what interests most folks in the publishing realm. Rowling has long resisted the move to the digital format for the beloved Potter books,which has brought about numerous pirated versions online.

With Pottermore in place,it'll be the only legal spot on the internet to download the series-no other book seller,chain or indie,will be able to sell it(altho those downloads are said to be compatible with the likes of the Kindle,Nook,etc).

Some might object to that but personally,I think it's great that Rowling is in the position to offer up her work to the digital generation on her own terms. With the last of the Potter films to be released this summer and new YA sensations on the rise,this promises to be a good way of keeping the Potter legacy alive:

The next toothsome item on the agenda is the remake of Fright Night,starring Colin Farrell as vampire Jerry Dandridge living next door to average teen Charley Brewster(Anton Yelchin),who discovers his new neighbor's scary secret life and becomes the target of his wrath.

The new version of the 80's cult classic,which had Chris Sarandon and William Ragsdale originate the hero/villain roles,is due out in August with the dreaded 3-D attachment to it.

The official trailer seems to take a different tact to the material,focusing more on the horror aspects of the film rather than the humorous high points that made the first film so great. Colin Farrell makes for a great scary vampire here,but more in the sinister stalker mode than the suave lady killer from the first incarnation.

Also,while the character of Peter Vincent is listed in the credits(with David Tennant being cast for the part),I don't see very much of him in this trailer. Granted,the location of the story is now set in Las Vegas,with the usual modern twists and I can get dropping the whole "those old movies were right all along!" shtick but it just isn't the same. This might be a decent movie yet for the moment,the Magic 8 ball verdict is "ask again later":

Finally,for a splash of silliness,we turn to Weird Al Yankovic's inevitable Lady GaGa parody. "Perform This Way" has Weird Al's face digitally placed upon the body of the gal who dresses up in outfits almost stranger than anything that GaGa has worn,a choice that sounds awkward at first but given the technology available and the fact that Yankovic isn't as limber as he used to be,a wise one indeed.

It's a good video and despite the confusion over whether or not Lady GaGa was willing to give her approval(she did,ultimately,after finding out that someone in her employ said no without even consulting her),the fact that all of the proceeds of this song are going to charity make it that much more harmonious:

Since it's now officially summer,I wish all of you a great weekend and hope that you get the chance to enjoy some family time there. Take a break from the pop culture scene and spend a few hours elsewhere,even on the beach if you can. One way or another,you should be able to make your own special brand of memorable fun:

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