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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Marveling at how soon The Avengers will hit the big screen & the injustice of the Justice League sitting this one out

Marvel's third big movie of the season, Captain America:The First Avenger,made a respectable splash at the box office this past weekend that even caused the final Harry Potter film to step aside from the number one position.

As a bonus,positive reviews from both critics and fans accompany the financial success of Captain America. All of this bodes well for the major Marvel film yet to come which brings together some of their better comic book adaptations such as Iron Man,the Hulk(2.0 version)and Thor,along with a few other players for The Avengers.

The first teaser for the 2012 movie can be seen during the end credits of Captain America and judging by audience reactions,this will be a definite must see for comic book folk and action film fans alike:

The set-up for the Avengers film has been a long time coming,with other end credits clips that link the previous Marvel adaptations up with Nick Fury as their main connection such as the first Iron Man movie and this spring's Thor.

While I am happy as a clam to see this superhero combo blossom into film fruition,part of me is still wondering "Where is the Justice League movie,DC?" The DC gang does have another amazing Batman film ready for next summer and the trailer alone is a fabulous achievement.

However,it promises to be the "epic conclusion" to the Christopher Nolan directed Dark Knight movies,which means that once again,a certain major comic book empire will be scrambling for cinematic supremacy here:

Part of the problem appears to be the insistence of the studios execs and producers in keeping many of the characters apart,particularly Batman and Superman. Why that notion has such staying power is beyond me,since both sides would make a vast fortune by teaming up together.

Smallville,in it's remaining seasons,put together a Justice League group of sorts that fans seemed to appreciate but spin-off attempts have been soundly rejected thus far. With the lackluster debut of the Green Lantern movie a few weeks ago and no new developments on the Wonder Woman front(for big and small screen),it looks as if our only solace is in watching the animated editions of the Justice League on DVD:

No use in crying over spilled superhero milk,I guess. It's at least good that we have an Avengers movie to look forward to,as well as The Dark Knight Rises,and that the X-Men franchise appears to be getting back on track.

True,we do have the threat of a Green Lantern sequel hanging over our heads and who knows how the new Superman film is going to turn out. Nevertheless,we need to focus on the bright side and avoid arguments about which franchise is better. I just wish that DC had it's act as together as Marvel does when it comes to presenting their heroes for worldwide audiences:

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