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Friday, July 15, 2011

Open Letter to Netflix subscribers regarding new plan policy

Dear fellow subscribers,

Like many of you this week,I received an e-mail from Netflix about their new policy to divide their DVD rental by mail and website streaming services,starting this September. The main thrust of this deal is that you have the choice of either regular rentals or streaming for 7.99(the lowest price plan available)and if you want both,you have to pay double.

Granted,this doesn't seem like a smart move on the company's part,given the harsh economic times that we're living in. However,some of Netflix's motivation for doing this now is an alternative to their simply going to a website available only option.

Talk was in the wind about this,with their customers making it loud and clear that removing DVDs from their service was not acceptable. Other reasons for this change include the rising cost of licensing fees for streaming and increased postage rates as well.

Naturally,this new Netflix plan is irksome to most of you and there certainly has been no lack of shyness in making your opinions known to not only the company but the world at large as well.

Personally,I see this as a good way for me to save a little money on my home entertainment expenses and to discard an option that I wasn't using that much to begin with(DVD rentals work better for me and my family).

I know that a good number of you agree with me on this and even those who are reasonably annoyed about such a rapid rise in pricing here have just plainly stated your displeasure and moved on to other more important matters of the day:

However,I must to speak to those among us whose reaction to this change has been alarmingly inappropriate and down right offensive in their comparisons.

You people need to get a grip,okay? If a six dollar price hike is the worst of your problems,you should be beyond grateful that your situation in life is that secure unlike most of the country or out in the wider world for that matter.

Bringing up Casey Anthony and equating this to rape is insulting and insane. I know you're going to tell me "I'm not being literal!" but still,those terms are a gross exaggeration of this change in every sense of the word.

It's especially bad to see such misplaced outrage when there are other people out there getting royally screwed by big league power brokers and this over the top commentary doesn't help your argument at all. Try to keep this in perspective,folks:

If you think that I'm just being too hard on you,let me get down to the brass tacks;Netflix is a luxury item not a necessity! Your responses would be somewhat understandable if we were talking about heat,water or electric rates going up to a 60% increase but not this.

If streaming content online is that important to you,there are other options out there to pursue(hopefully you go for the legal ones).

The same applies for DVD rental via mail. Look into them and express your anger with dollars not vulgar and derogatory Twitter comments. This isn't taxation without representation,people!:

So,in the end I believe that we will be able to weather this mild tempest in the pop culture teapot as long as things remain reasonably civil. There are more important issues out there to fret about and getting all worked up over such a trifling matter as this is not worth half of the new Netflix fee.


Lady T and the rest of us sensible souls

P.S. Besides,we have the final Harry Potter movie out this weekend and that's more of a reason to vent a little angst,if you ask me:

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