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Friday, July 22, 2011

Some sizzling songs to cool you down in the midsummer heat

As I write this,the east coast is undergoing one of the nastiest heat waves of the summer season which makes it hard to think about anything else but the rising temperatures.

However,that will not deter me from bringing you some form of distracting entertainment and the best that I can come up with right now are a set of songs about,what else,the heat! Most songs that deal in images of fire,heat,etc are metaphorical melodies dedicated to love and since we would all love to see the end of this mandatory sweat period,that fits the bill nicely here.

First up is the classic "Heat Wave",originally sung by Martha and the Vandellas. The popularity of this single gave the ladies their one and only Grammy nomination back in 1964,making them the first Motown group to ever be nominated.

While the likes of Linda Ronstadt and Phil Collins have done their own takes on this toe tapping little ditty, no one can truly outdo the real Motown Maidens and their Mighty Moves:

For something completely different,we turn to Blue Oyster Cult and their 1981 hit "Burnin' for You". This tune has been highlighted in several feature films through out the years such as 1997's Cop Land and most recently in Let Me In.

The series Supernatural also used this song for key moments and a cover version by the band Shiny Toy Guns was done exclusively as part of a car commercial. It is a great song to listen to in the car,no doubt about it,yet too good to be merely reworked as a jingle:

To give you a chance to catch your breath,mellow out with "Eternal Flame",one of my favorite songs by The Bangles.

At least two of my favorite TV shows have had great character moments with this lingering love ballad; a first season episode of Gilmore Girls had Rory and Paris bond at a Bangles reunion concert and this past season on The Vampire Diaries,Caroline sang for Matt as a way to win him back into her arms(if not her fangs).

Just goes to show you that this tune is like a little black dress-it never goes out of style and suits all occasions:

Finally,let's deal with "Heat of the Moment" by Asia. This song has popped up in odd pop culture places like the film The 40 Year Old Virgin and the TV series Supernatural(what was it with that show and such obvious song selections,seriously?)not to mention a memorable Cartman moment on South Park.

What is truly amazing about this song is just how literal the music video for it is. Everything that is talked about in the lyrics shows up on screen in multiple frames no less. Talking about your ideal drinking game subject or what,folks?:

I hope that wherever you are this weekend,you manage to stay as cool as can be. Even if this oppressive heat keeps you trapped indoors,do make the best of your situation. Chill out with a good friend and a smoking tune,but be careful or things might blow up in more ways than one:

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