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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A few thrillers that should make the leaves tremble in the movie trailer park this fall

Entertainment Weekly just came out with their Fall Movie Preview issue that highlights plenty of the expected big films due to arrive this autumn and early winter season. Along with those A list flicks,however,are a good number of scary smaller ones that could even make the latest Dow Jones average look less frightening in comparison.

First up is Dream House,starring Daniel Craig as a NYC publisher who moves to a quiet house in the New England countryside with his beloved wife(Rachel Weisz)and two darling daughters.

A series of strange occurrences in their new home leads them to find out that their residence was the sight of a gruesome family murder and that they're more connected to it than they know. The producers of this film swear that what is revealed in this trailer is not the biggest plot twist up their sleeves but that remains to be seen:

Kevin Smith is determined to shake off his former comic persona with Red State,which pits a trio of hapless teenagers against a family of religious zealots who are determined to make those who they deem as sinners pay for their trespasses in blood.

So far,the movie is planned to be in a rather limited theatrical release before going on to video on demand and then regular home video. Based on the tone of the teaser trailer,Smith appears to have been keeping company with the likes of Eli Roth and Rob Zombie as the gritty documentary/grindhouse vibe of it shows.

Red State also feels like it would fit in with a triple feature bill of The Last Exorcism and any one of the Paranormal Activity flicks-just hope that the final product lives up to this promise:

Speaking of PA, the third film in the series Paranormal Activity 3 is due to come out in time for Halloween. This chapter deals with the back story of the two sisters haunted by the mysterious demon as it appears to be made up of home movies from their childhood.

Whether or not part three will follow up on what happened to the baby snatched by the end of the second film is uncertain. While such a delicate subject is naturally upsetting to even think about,it would help this now growing series to have some sort of end game in mind.

Otherwise,it will be pretty hard to make this bag of cinematic tricks worth checking out for a third or even a fourth time. Since the earlier films did so well in terms of story telling scares,it would be a shame to see PA turn into another Saw style of movie mess:

A movie that's bound to stir up plenty of nervous conversation,We Need to Talk About Kevin puts Tilda Swindon front and center as the mother of a notorious teen mass murderer who had doubts about the true nature of her child from the very beginning.

Based on the chilling yet compelling novel by Lionel Shriver,this story focuses on the dark side to the myth of motherhood that encourages denial of warning signs that indicate the sociopathic tendencies of a kid from a well to-do home.

The film will be released in England this October before it comes to the U.S. by late December and it's certainly not a happy holiday family feature,that's for sure:

"These movies sound pretty grim,Lady T. Aren't things bad enough out there without paying to see stuff like this?" Granted,I wouldn't recommend that you see nothing but scary films ,however, maybe one or two of them could help you get a better handle on the all too real fears staring us in the face.

Fictional fear shows tend to mirror our deepest anxieties and in some cases,they can put your own worries into a broader perspective. At the very least,a good healthy dose of make believe terror can shake the true scares right out of you and let in some much needed laughter:

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