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Friday, August 05, 2011

I Am Omega and this is Bad Movie Month!

Greetings,and welcome to another edition of Bad Movie Month here at LRG. This year's theme is Salute to the Sci-Fi Channel,which has now become home to the best of the worst in the direct to video market.

One of our traditions for BMM has been to let my sister Stephanie select a movie to be hideously highlighted as a birthday present(happy birthday,sis!)and her choice for this category was I Am Omega,starring Mark Dacascos,better known as the Chairman of Iron Chef America.

Dacascos is no stranger to acting,having made numerous appearances in action films and TV shows such as The Middle Man and most recently, Hawaii 5-O. However,he's more of a fighter than an orator and in this derivative take on both the cult classic Omega Man and Will Smith's star turn in I Am Legend(the release date for this movie was timed to cash in on the latter film)showcases that somewhat decently.

Dacascos plays Renchard,a seemingly lone survivor of a brutal plague that has turned most of humanity into goofy looking zombies who appeared to be wearing poorly spray painted body suits. Renchard spends his days planting bombs over all town while kicking ass and not bothering to take names and then goes home at night to his tightly secured house where he kicks back and relaxes as much as a crazed by paranoia and loneliness man can:

One day,while checking his computer,Renchard receives a distress call from the last pregnant woman on earth who needs him to come to her rescue. It's nice to know that even with the world completely overrun by zombies, Skype and wi-fi will still be in service:

Rather conveniently,a pair of fellas in a truck show up and demand his help in retrieving the woman,claiming to be sent by a secret community of survivors looking for a cure to the zombie plague. Our hero goes along with them,naturally and just as naturally,danger,betrayal and bad acting come along for the ride.

What's extra specially bad about this movie is the level of Dacasco's performance-the guy is more in need of oil to loosen his joints than the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. He does know how to pull off a good fight scene,you have to give him that,but unfortunately he's the leading man which means that he has to doing a lot of speaking and emoting.

The worst bit of dialogue doesn't come from him,however-at one point,one of his companions pulls a double cross and steals the girl in order to sell her off to the highest bidder. Being the villain of the piece,he can't help but waste time with a rant about his reasons for being bad. Dacascos has better luck with one liners such as " I'm pissing on you,world!" and "I'm so fucking tired of you bitches!":

So,if you're in the mood for a sad slice of sci-fi action,I Am Omega fits the bill to a T. Filled with a mix of wooden and over the top performances,plus fights with clumsy zombies in badly lit abandoned buildings,this movie has it all for you and then some. Tune in next week for more Bad Movie Month,where we will be presented the dubious delights of Puppetmaster Vs. Demonic Toys. Until then,revel in the mockbuster madness of Mark Dacascos:

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