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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A look at the belles of the ball at this year's VMAs

Coming up sooner than you think,the MTV Video Music Awards are planning to hold their biggest celebration yet. Jam packed with major live performances and special surprises,such as a sneak peek at the film version of Hunger Games,this show promises to be quite the show stopper.

While I'm not the most musically adept person on the block,some of the singers up for a Moonman are familiar to me(for reasons good and bad)and I thought it would be fun as well as funky to shift the spotlight onto some of the top females nominated and/or performing that night. Nothing against the fellas but girl power is gold for venues like this:

Yes,it's Britney!

Britney is not only up for two awards for her "Til the World Ends" video,a special tribute to her career is planned as well. I suppose that highlighting her accomplishments is warranted at this moment in time,considering that she's made a decent comeback from the wackiness phase of her life.

As for the video itself,the story line appears to offer the perfect solution to the possible doomsday predictions for 2012;slip off to an underground dance party with Britney and friends,aka back-up dancers. Not exactly the stuff that Michael Bay movies are made up of but any port in a storm,as they say:

The Art of Adele

This is one lady whose dance card has been extremely full this year. She's nominated for several VMAs,including Best Video of the Year for her hit single "Rolling in the Deep."

Adele's bluesy vocals are top notch and the minimalism tone of the video allows you to be truly enraptured by this lyrical tribute to heartbreak. I personally hopes she wins big time here,allowing real talent to get it's proper due:

All hail the mighty Minaj

Nicki Minaj's star continues to rise as she is nominated for three VMAs,including both Best Female Video and Best Hip-Hop for her song "Super Bass".

Nicki's duet with Drake for "Moment 4 Life" is up for Best Collaboration as well and the two of them do make a lovely pair(music wise,that is. No gossip from this girl about any other connection between them).

Nicki Minaj not only has the swiftness of her vocal style but the solid singing voice of an artist who can become more than a flashy one note diva.

Her off beat fashion choices and pop culture friendly persona are also engaging yet you can sense that she has her feet firmly on the ground enough that she's in no danger of being overwhelmed by artifice. "Moment 4 Life" has a sweet Cinderella vibe to it that is not at all sappy and can be safely recommended by four of five dentists for their patients who chew gum while listening to music:

And then there's GaGa

The big news is that Lady GaGa will be the opening act for the VMAs this year,with plenty of speculation about what song she'll be performing and just how strange her act is going to be.

While "Born This Way" and "Judas" are the videos up for awards here, odds are that GaGa may select "You and I" as her big number since the official video has just been released.

While that video seems overloaded with more bizarre images than even expected for her,what I get out of that whole mix is some sort of tribute to a former lover who grew up in the Midwest and her desire to have been his personal playmate back in the days of his experimental youth. That's my best guess,anyway:

Good luck,gals and best of luck to the gents as well. Guys,one word of advice-if you really want to make an impact,Muppets are the way to go,OK?(apologies for the shameless pun there):

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Ladytink_534 said...

I've liked some of Brittany's newer stuff but I'm not really all that crazy about Til the World Ends. The video is great though. Rolling in the Deep is one of my fav songs though. I don't really like very much rap but as long as I mute the music, Moment 4 Life has one of the prettiest videos I've seen in a long time. Always love the Gaga :)

Speaking of Muppets, have you heard the new Green Album yet? That song is the first on the album.