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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Next Food Network Star gets roasted,Design Star's B&B blues and True Blood's Eric has a moment of true love

After an opening challenge that involved taping a segment for The Best Thing I Ever Ate,the remaining contenders on The Next Food Network Star had to prepare to roast and be roasted themselves.

Each of them had to cook a roast meat and serve it to a panel of comedians(Gilbert Gottfried,Louie Anderson and Judy Gold were some of the attendees)who would judge both the food and their ability to handle a little heckling.

Jeff was really on fire this round,with not only acing his Best Thing bit but wowing the comedians and the regular judges with his rump roast sandwich. His former stint as a stand-up comic really helped him out with the comedy panel,who all agreed that he had the magic touch in terms of stage presence.

At this point,Jeff is three for three with his wins. Frankly,I didn't think he would last this far but the guy really has a handle on his p.o.v. and his personality,which could take him all the way.

I still have high hopes for Vic,despite his recent struggles. The comedians liked his personality yet the huge portion of rib eye that he served them seemed more in tune with his Las Vegas vibes instead of the "Mama's Boy" theme that he's been working on lately.

As much as I like Mary Beth,there was a good reason for her being in the Bottom Two this week. She bored the panel with her academic food talk and while her roast duck was tasty,Mary Beth had to get her entire recipe on cooking it from the butcher. Granted,this was her first time making duck roast but that doesn't bode well for someone planning on hosting a cooking show.

Whitney wound up going home this time,due to her troubles with presentation. Her Best Thing taping was hampered by the fact that she had chosen a food item similar to Mary Beth's and didn't want to suffer in comparison.

Also,when she went in front of the comedians,Whitney burst out crying after being asked a simple question about her parents. That moment made everyone ill at ease and doomed her chances for continuing with the competition. Next week,it's Iron Chef America time and four of their former competitors will be back to serve as sous chefs.which means we haven't seen the last of the dreadful Penny,alas:

The gang on Design Star went to the Jersey shore this week,to make over rooms in a bed and breakfast type of inn. Cathy Ireland stepped in to the guest judge spot here(Candice is off filming her show for a while). The owners were hoping for modern upgrades to these very old fashioned looking rooms and the results were interesting to say the least.

A team that did better than expected was Karl,Meg and Mark. For awhile there,the three of them couldn't agree on anything,particularly the focal theme of the large suite they were given.

Fortunately,a shopping trip helped them to bond and decide on the direction that they wanted to go in. Part of the challenge was re-purposing some of the items already in the space and each of them handled that brilliantly.

Karl painted a subtle motif on the walls that suggested the ocean just right and Mark fashioned a rope ladder that nicely highlighted one corner of the room.

However,Meg was the winner for this challenge. Her smart use of color in setting up a lovely bedroom section really caught the judges' eye. Her space was certainly inviting and I'm glad to see her bounce back after that white box disaster with the table a couple of weeks ago.

Cathy and Kevin's room was poorly done but deemed good enough to skate by this round. Most of the problem was Cathy's inability to work with someone that doesn't give her full control of the situation. Plus,the moldings that she had set up around the room were badly placed and made the space look awkward.

To be fair,Kevin didn't do a great job in whitewashing that floor and since he knew this was something he hadn't done before,the fault squarely lies with him on that one. Do your homework before you try something like that next time,Kevin!

Lucky for them both,Bret went home for the poor color choices in the room he and Kellie worked on,not to mention the bland brick like headboard he put up. Speaking of bad color choices,Kellie's paintings for the space looked sadder than a velvet portrait of a clown in a poker game with dogs.

Next week involves more teamwork as the designer have to make a Dream Kitchen. *sigh*Kitchen challenges have proven to be the downfall of many a contender on this series and I suspect that the odds on a few of them stumbling here are great indeed:

The joint is certainly jumping on True Blood,as Tommy discovers his skinwalker abilities,Arlene has no clue about the not so friendly spirit that burned down her house and Marnie allows Antonia to possess her completely.

The big news,however, is on the Eric front. As Bill broke up his and Sookie's love tryst,Eric accepted Bill's authority to detain him in the secret vampire prison at the king's manor. There,he was reunited with Pam,who is rotting away even faster and begging him to join her in a vengeance killing spree. Eric is no longer up for that sort of thing and he told Pam so,which broke her coldblooded heart a bit:

Meanwhile,Bill lies his head off to Nan and the Authority about how dangerous Eric has become in order to be granted permission to give him the true death. Once he gets the greenlight,Bill and his minions haul Eric outside to do the deed but the new king is surprised at Eric's willingness to accept his fate.

You have to give Alexander Skarsgard for one hell of a convincing performance as reborn Eric. That final message that Eric wants to send to Sookie is delivered in such a heartfelt manner,along with his wish that Bill and Sookie find true love together,it's not a complete wonder that Bill relented at the last minute. How long Bill's good will is going to hold out against Eric and Sookie being a couple remains to be seen:


PROJECT RUNWAY: The new season has already started and there are a strong number of good candidates on deck here. One word of advice:ALWAYS listen to Tim Gunn! Rafael didn't take heed enough,which is part of the reason that he was the first to go:

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