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Friday, August 26, 2011

We swat away the end of Bad Movie Month with Mansquito

As our salute to SyFy Channel movies draw to a close,I must say something in favor of today's creature feature Mansquito(aka Mosquito Man). Unlike most of the made for TV/home video flicks that we've seen thus far,the budget for this monster movie clearly had more than the usual $1.50 to spend.

Yes,folks,Mansquito must have had three whole dollars in order to afford the likes of Corin Nemec as the leading man here. He plays a cop who happens to be dating a sexy scientist(Musetta Vander)that happens to researching a cure for the vicious strain of West Nile virus spreading around the world.

By sheer coincidence,the lab where our lady scientist is working at decides to use a death row prisoner to experiment on(a guy that went to prison due to the detective work of her boyfriend-wow,yet another coincidence!)and of course,the prisoner attempts to break free and winds up blowing up part of the lab where Scientist Lady is zapping mosquitoes(yep,the coincidences keep on coming there,folks)

Death Row Guy then morphs in Mansquito,a giant bug man who drains the blood out of nearly every human he encounters. While his transformation is quick and gross,Scientist Lady starts going through a few slow and scary changes of her own which are not pretty for her to feel or us to watch:

It takes quite awhile before Cop Boyfriend catches onto the whole mutant bug man deal,mainly because he's so busy with showing up at crime scenes and making scowls before giving out orders and taking off(you could play a drinking game based on the number of times someone asks him "Where are you going?").

Eventually,he realizes that Scientist Lady is starting to literally bug out and takes her to a hospital where he insists that she'll be safe from the clutches of Mansquito,who is just wanting for her to turn into his Frankenstein's Bride.

Naturally,that plan goes right out the window as our mutant mosquito man is not only bulletproof but drinks enough blood to grow wings(so not kidding about this one,I assure you):

A major showdown does occur,pitting Cop Boyfriend and Scientist Lady/Mosquito Woman against the Big Bug Man down in the sewer system for some reason. It's hard to decide which is more amusing:the crazy red eyes of Scientist Lady as she mutates,the lumbering stance of the poor guy in the Mansquito suit or the constant urge to shout out "Parker Lewis can't lose!" every time Nemec appears on screen:

This wraps up our Bad Movie Month for 2011 and thank you all for partaking in this glorious experience. Themes for next year's BBM are under consideration and suggestions are always welcome. Until then,keep that bug repellent close at hand because you never know when you're going to need it:

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