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Monday, September 19, 2011

A few excellent Emmy moments

So,for the first time in a long while,I watched the Emmy awards in it's entirety. Since it's rare that they ever honor the shows that I actually enjoy,I felt no pop culture guilt about skipping the annual TV love fest after several years but last night seemed to be the right time to tune in.

And I'm glad that I did,despite an awkward moment or two there.A number of worthy folk received their just desserts and it was a pleasure to witness that on live TV.

My ultimate favorite was the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy category,that started out with the first nominee on the list,Amy Poehler,hitting the stage as soon as her name was read aloud.

Her sister nominees followed suit,until they were all lined up like beauty pageant contenders. The winner was Melissa McCarthy for Mike and Molly,a first time nominee yet no stranger to fans of Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who?,not to mention her unexpected star turn in the Hollywood hit Bridesmaids last spring. I was over the moon to see her honored with such style and grace as befitting a truly talented lady:

Another wonderful win was granted to Peter Dinklage,for his brilliant work as Tyrion Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones.
Dinklage's award came right after Martin Scorsese won Best Director for the pilot episode of Boardwalk Empire,which left him a tad awe struck.

However,it wouldn't be surprising to see both of them working together on a project someday. Dinklage has always done impressive work for feature films as well as television but I hope it will be awhile before he goes back to the silver screen.

His presence on GOT is vital,especially for the remaining seasons of the series and there's no way he can be replaced. His smooth talking skills are the envy of many a actor out there and rightfully so:

Speaking of HBO,their miniseries version of Mildred Pierce earned Kate Winslet and Guy Pierce awards in the acting category. Mildred Pierce was the expected winner for Best Movie/Miniseries but didn't claim that prize(more on than in a minute).

Winslet's win was predicted early and while no one was shocked at Pierce getting the nod here,his acceptance speech was a little eye brow raising. Making bold use of the double entendre,Pierce joked about his love scenes with Winslet to the blushing delight of all,including his wife who apparently has a great sense of humor:

The best gift of the night was Downton Abbey taking four awards,one for writer Julian Fellowes,one for Maggie Smith as Violet,the Dowager Duchess and the real jewel in the crown, Best Movie/Miniseries.

As much as I appreciate how well cable channels have elevated the TV movie format and kept the miniseries alive,it was nice to see PBS take this one home. Downton Abbey and it's blend of old school drama with new world perceptions is an artistic achievement that's most entertainingly addicting.

Not only did it leave many of us champing at the bit for season two,this small screen saga is a prime example of what treasures television was meant to offer us in it's inception:

So,all in all,this was a decent showing at the Emmys. True,there are many things that we could have done without such as that Lonely Island Boys number,Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men mea culpa moment(guess that talk about Major League 3 was just talk,huh,Charlie?)and Steve Carell not getting props for his last season on The Office.

Yet,good things did happen and rejoicing in them is the best way to go here. Awkward can be amusing at times and worth recalling as well,even if you're on the unexpected receiving end of the joke. Taking it in stride is part of show business,after all:

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