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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Top Chef JD gets wet and wild,X Factor marks the spot and The Vampire Diaries turn a new page

Things went back to their regular Quickfire mode on Top Chef:Just Desserts this week,as Judge Gail and special guest Pichet Ong tasked the contenders to whip up a uniquely favored candy bar.

A good number of interesting candy bars were made(including one that had Earl Grey tea!)but the one chosen as the winner of immunity for the next round belonged to Sally.

Her secret weapon was adding forbidden black rice,a favorite of Pichet's to the blend of peanut butter,cocoa nibs and chocolate ganache in her bar.

The Elimination challenge was yet another team one,as all of the chefs had to make sweets to be served at a local water park. Creativity and fitting your food style to the needs of the patrons visiting a place like this on a hot summer day were the key components of of the challenge.

Out of the three teams on deck here,only one managed to make picture perfect summer snacks. Megan's strawberry soda float with white peach and basil sorbet turned out better than expected and Rebecca knocked the socks off of the judges with her lemon ice cream sandwiches.

They were made up of lemon snicker doodles with lemon ice cream and a touch of lemon drops. Sounds sweet to me,in the best sense of that term.

The best of the bunch belonged to Katzie,for her Baked Alaska with spumoni on a stick. Very clever and apparently rather tasty.

She won this round,a second victory for her and the jealous grumblings from her competitors are already getting louder here. Come on,folks-don't hate the player,hate the game!

One of the guys up on the chopping block here was Carlos,due to his ice cream pop made with Capt. Crunch cereal and sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles on top being way too sweet to eat. I like cereal,too but there is something to be said about having too much of a good thing.

Orlando's root beet float was more like a root beer docked,as only the foam had any actual root beer flavoring to it. The main complaint was that it was too heavy of a snack to go over well in the heat. His whole team pretty much made treats that were more restaurant than theme park friendly.

Amanda went home,however,for her very theme park style sweet. Her funnel cake tried to be flavorful with a pineapple topping but it kept getting hard too fast. One judge said it was more like a pretzel and that was not meant as a compliment.

Next time,Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys shows up and gives the chefs a pantry of strange items to make desserts with. Gives a whole new meaning to the word challenge,it seems to me!

The Vampire Diaries started up their third season with the usual round of angst as Tyler and Caroline engage in a bit of "will they-won't they" romantic tension while Elena endeavors to get through her eighteen birthday without Stefan.

Damon's search for his brother,who is currently at the slaughter happy side of newly empowered Klaus,came to a messy end as his TV reporter girlfriend became a casualty of their secret war.

Elena is determined,nonetheless,to find Stefan and bring him back into the fold,so to speak. She may not like this new Stefan,who has rediscovered his gruesome taste for human blood and literally tearing into people but love's a funny thing as they say:

The X Factor debuted last night,reuniting Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul on the judges panel with L.A. Reid and Nicole Sherzinger(whose spot was occasionally filled by Cheryl Cole)along for the ride. The show is similar to American Idol,except that the age ranges of the contestants are more varied.

One fine example was Stacy Francis,a 42 year old single mom who was told for many years that she was too old to start a singing career. Her heartfelt rendition of the classic song "Natural Woman" proved all those naysayers wrong and then some:

Unfortunately,just like Idol,this show brought out plenty of the crazies to the audition rounds,too. The worst of the worst was a guy named Geo who accompanied his bad singing with a truly unwanted display of his physical shortcomings.

It was so bad that at one point,Paula Abdul got up and walked away in order to be sick in the privacy of her dressing room. Poor Paula,I did feel sorry for her there.(this may not be work safe;you have been warned):


SWEET GENIUS: This new cooking competition show begins tonight,offering thematic challenges to those seeking to win the ten grand prize. Since the host has a bit of mad scientist vibe about him,this might be
worth checking out:

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