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Monday, October 31, 2011

A handful of sugary sweet tunes for your Halloween treat bag

Happy Halloween,friends and fiends! For your special LRG holiday treat,we have gathered up a sweet set of songs that highlight the most important element of the day,candy.

Whether you're a kid or still a kid at heart,Halloween is the perfect excuse to indulge in all sorts of edible goodies of nearly every sweet flavor imaginable. Some of these tunes reflect that childhood innocence while others have more of a grown-up taste to them,so there's a little something for everyone here:

One Halloween staple that can be enjoyed year round is the lollipop(my favorite kind are the Tootsie Roll ones)and there are two classic songs about these special sweets on a stick.

First up is Shirley Temple's The Good Ship Lollipop,from her 1934 film Bright Eyes. References to other candies are made within the lyrics but it's the title that counts here:

From there we jump ahead to The Chordettes' 1958 rendition of Lollipop,which was heard most recently in a Dell computer commercial.

This song has been covered by a number of other artists throughout the years,including action star Steven Seagal for his Songs From the Crystal Cave album back in 2005. That's a little too scary to listen to,so we'll play the original instead:

Toffee is one of those items that often puzzle kids when it winds up in a trick or treat bag but it's actually a really sweet surprise. This British sticky snack comes in several varieties and can be said to be where the idea for caramel apples came from.

There is at at least one song about the delights of toffee that did well in America and it came courtesy of The Hollies in 1967 with Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe:

The most popular Halloween treat is,I suspect,chocolate. Whether it's in bar form,candy coated pieces or simply a filling,this treasured sweet is always in style. Speaking of style,Kylie Minogue's sweet single Chocolate is definitely for more mature palates.

However,it is presented with true taste in the official video with a dance routine reminiscent of old school Hollywood:

Chewing gum has the status of being the least desirable Halloween treat,right along side pennies and a rock. Then again,kids do like bubble gum and adults like to have a stick on hand to ward off the evils of bad breath.

Our next candy related song Chewing Gum is meant for the adult dating scene as electropop singer Annie takes a playful look at the not so sweet ups and downs of modern day romance. One thing that this funky little tune shares in common with the actual treat is that it's got a tasty rhythm once you get started and the flavor is certainly long lasting:

Sweets to the sweet is the name of the game today and I hope that your dive into Halloween treat bags tonight doesn't leave you with the need for Pepto-Bismol tomorrow. All things in moderate,folks and may the Candy Man bring you all kinds of sugar covered goodness,which we could really use right about now:

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