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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

4 sweet mentors for 1 Broke Girl

One of the reasons that 2 Broke Girls is becoming one of my favorite shows this season is the plan that both of the leading ladies have for opening up a cupcake shop. While Max(Kat Dennings)may be best known for her sour nature and tart comments,her baking skills are truly sweet.

A recent episode had Max being dragged to a pasty decorating class at the behest of Caroline(Beth Behrs) in order to make her cupcakes more commercially appealing. That didn't work out well,for either one of the enterprising gals who felt intimidated by the difficulty in making frosting flowers:

Granted,it'll be awhile before Max gets her shop but at some point,she could use a few sensible tips to improve her work. Therefore,I have gathered together a handful of excellent nominees for the role of Max's mentor and these three ladies and one gentleman are great chefs to emulate for any budding baker.

First up is Elizabeth Falkner,whose San Fran bakeries Citizen Cake and Orson are well known and respected both in and outside of the city. Falkner takes an unconventional approach to pastry,which could make her click with Max right off the bat.

She's also an author and has been both judge and contestant on numerous competition shows(at the moment,Falkner is a leading contender in The Next Iron Chef race)as well as a mentor to others,so Max should consider herself lucky if Falkner stopped in to sample her wares:

Next up is Michelle Garcia,a regular competitor on Food Network Challenge along with her husband Vinny. The two of them run the Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago and the atmosphere is very punk rock,which Max will appreciate there.

Michelle has also written a cupcake recipe book,Who You Callin' Cupcake,that showcases her offbeat flair for flavors that Max should check out at the very least. I think that Max and Michelle might get along great,as they both share a bit of "fooditude":

Our lone gentleman here,Ron Ben-Israel may come across as a Willy Wonka mad scientist type on his show Sweet Genius,but the man is a celebrated chef in his own right.

In addition to the many honors he has received for his amazing culinary creations, Ben-Israel loves to teach and while Max might scoff at his mannerisms at first,she could learn quite a lot from him.

Criticism is hard for anyone to take but Ben-Israel does know the art of being constructive with his words while laying down the hammer when necessary. Max may not like that but it can be helpful to savor such bittersweet feedback at times:

Last yet far and away from least,Kerry Vincent and Max would most likely get along as smoothly as oil and water. However,I believe that they have enough in common that could make for a beautiful mentorship.

For one thing,both ladies are strong,self reliant types who aren't afraid to speak their minds. Plus,they both respect hard work and applying yourself to the task at hand. Their start might be rocky but in the end,I wouldn't be shocked to see Kerry and Max sharing a high tea together and a few recipes:

I do hope that 2 Broke Girls lasts long enough to see Max open her cupcake shop and that she does find a pastry mentor to boot. Despite her sweetly crude approach to baking,her cupcake concept is viable and it would a sweet victory for real life budding bakers to see that dream come true,even on the small screen:

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