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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clicking thru some mid winter TV selections

With most of our regular shows taking some time off in Rerunville,this seems like a good opportunity to preview a handful of upcoming programs set to start next month.

Let's begin with Tabatha Takes Over,a revamp of the Bravo makeover series where tough talking Tabatha does for hair salons what Gordon Ramsey does for restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares. This season,however,she's not just hitting the beauty parlor beat.

Her practical approach to business will be applied to dog hotels,bake shops and other needy outlets. Don't worry,folks,she'll still be straightening out salons and giving them her special touch that means so much(January 10):

Another familiar face on a new scene is Brad Goreski,the breakout star assistant from The Rachel Zoe Project. Brad was smart enough to jump off that emotional rollercoaster and get his own career,plus a Bravo series dedicated to him.

It's A Brad,Brad World follows him around during his attempts to start making big waves in the fashion arena as well as his love life. No doubt Miss Rachel will be throwing things at the TV when this show is on,which is part of the fun in watching it(January 2):

If you're in the mood for another legal drama with a literary background,then you are in luck as NBC has on the docket a TV series version of John Grisham's The Firm. The show takes place ten years after the original story and has Mitch McDeere(Josh Lucas)leaving witness protection to start a new life with his loved ones.

John Grisham's books have a pretty good following but this is the third television show to be based on his works and the earlier ones(The Client and The Street Lawyer)didn't last for long. Then again,the third time may be the charm,as they say(January 8):

Adding to their "animation domination",Fox is premiering a cartoon version of the 2004 cult hit Napoleon Dynamite. A positive note in the show's favor is that original cast will be voicing the main characters and that the film's director Jared Hess is one of the creative producers.

On the minus side,the whole Napoleon Dynamite cache has already become a blip on the pop culture radar for many of it's fans. That doesn't rule out the promise of a sweet comeback,however- the revival of Beavis and Butthead has proven that and the same could happen here(January 15):

One show that I have no doubt about crashing and burning is the upcoming ABC sitcom,Work It. The premise here is that our current bad economy is making it harder for men to find work than women(which is as accurate as a history lesson from Glen Beck)and in order for the leading men on this series to secure steady jobs,they need to pass as women.

Protests are already underway as we speak,but personally I think this show is just a play off of the eighties cross dressing sitcom Bosom Buddies and a pretty poorly done version at that(January 3):

Even if none of these shows,or any other new series,hold no interest for you,don't despair. Mid winter tends to be a plateau for pop culture in all areas of entertainment but with the spring comes better things upon the wind. Those winds may be cold yet they are worth waiting for:

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