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Monday, February 06, 2012

Having some movie popcorn with your Super Bowl 2012 commercials

Last night's Super Bowl went off very well,despite the slight controversy involving M.I.A's hand gesture during the halftime performance with Madonna(I saved myself some valuable viewing time by watching Madonna's new video earlier in the day instead).

While I'm not a sports fan,the much touted ad campaign for that prime time slot is always worth checking out. It was interesting to see the influence of the movies making itself known for a couple of the bigger commercials aired.

For example,a great big chunk of hype went to the Honda ad starring Matthew Broderick,who did a postmodern recap of his iconic role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As tie-in tributes go,this was not bad. It's the right age demographic to tailor this nostalgia trip to and while it's too soon to tell if this pitch will sell any cars or not,the advertisers certainly got a water cooler worthy spot:

Another car commercial went down the movie parody path as well,with Audi deciding to demonstrate their new "Daylight" headlights by showing just how well they work on a party of vampires out in the nighttime woods.

Granted,a specific vampire film wasn't recreated here but most folks will immediately assume the main target was Twilight(particularly with a pair of vamps happily racing up a tree).

Personally,as a vampire fan,I thought it was pretty funny and much better executed than some of the other openly intentional parodies of this nature:

There were also actual movie trailers put on display as well. The Hunger Games is bizarrely appropriate for the Super Bowl,as the main plot focus is centered around a nationally televised sporting event that puts young people at risk of serious injury.

However,one thing in the Super Bowl's favor is that it's not literally a kill or be killed competition,unlike the gauntlet of death facing our heroine Katniss Everdeen and her new friend Peeta.

This latest trailer highlights the mockingjay pin that Katniss wears and if you do see this film,stay focused on that symbol. Trust me,it's not your average sports emblem:

Other sci-fi/fantasy/action movie fare being promoted during the game included John Carter,G.I. Joe:Retaliation ,the dreaded new 3D version of The Phantom Menace and Battleship(yep,the one based on the classic board game).

However,apart from the Hunger Games,the real gem of the bunch is the new teaser for The Avengers. The more I see of this movie,the more I want to be at the first matinee showing on opening day.

My favorite shot in this piece is the nifty 380 turn on the assembled group as they start to lock and load in mid street battle. Honestly,DC,you guys need to get your act together with a Justice League movie,stat!:

Well,I'm happy that everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl this year and that some of the ads gave us all something amusing to talk about afterward. As for me,I spent my night watching Downton Abbey,which can be way more intense than any football game. If you think folks get rowdy during the big game,listen in on a viewing party for Downton and prepare yourself for the audience participation:

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