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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romantic dinners,take two

With today being considered one of the most romantic days of the year,a big part of most Valentine's Day plans involve a dinner date of some sort.

Whether it's at your favorite restaurant or a simple meal in the comfort of your home,nothing could be cozier than sharing supper with your sweetie. Plenty of nice romantic moments have been created,on screens both big and small,around this savory set-up for love.

As an appetizer for your own Valentine's feast or just a seasonal pop culture snack attack,here are a handful of amusingly amorous dinner dates:

A classic pop culture dinner date is the alleyway restaurant tryst between Lady and The Tramp,with a lot of bells and whistles attached to it that most humans strive to meet for sheer romantic quality.

For a mongrel pooch,Tramp certainly knows how to entertain a gal in style. There's excellent mood lighting,live music,an intimate setting,plus a tasty plate of spaghetti and meatballs to share. What's not to love about this?:

The film Julie and Julia not only told two love stories about women discovering their true talents via food,it was also a tale of two marriages.

Most folks were out and out charmed by the devotion between Julia and Paul Child,who were far from shy when it came to expressing their feelings towards one another. This was a couple whom Valentine's Day was made for,as this dinner party sequence showcases so well:

There have been a bounty of suggestive eating scenes over the years,such as the messy blindfolded taste test in 9 and 1/2 Weeks,which infer that the dining couple's appetites are more inclined to be satisfied elsewhere.

The grandfather of those erotic edible moments is thought to be found in 1963's Tom Jones,where our hero works up quite a hunger as he shares a table with a beautiful stranger at an inn. The savory tension is truly thick enough to cut with a knife and then some:

Granted,stalking isn't at all romantic but it appears to be the only option for the lovelorn villain in Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. The title character sings of his despair while spying on his would be girlfriend Penny as she has a dinner for two with his sworn enemy Captain Hammer.

Of course,Penny is the only one truly happy in this situation,as she fails to notice both her lurking laundromat buddy but the indifference of her date,who is less than thrilled to be eating at a homeless shelter. Love is blind in more ways than one here:

Happy Valentine's Day,folks and I hope you all enjoy your romantic dinners. I also hope that you actually get to have your meal in peace and avoid being interrupted by someone else's lover's quarrel. Those disagreements can really wreck your dessert plans:

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