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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make your vote count for this year's Razzies!

Just when you thought movie award season was over,voting for the 32nd Annual Golden Raspberry Awards is now under way. For most of the categories,you have to be a member of the Razzies to vote but the Worst Screen Ensemble will take input from the public,courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.

The big story on the Worst Movie front this year is Adam Sandler's record breaking number of nominations,particularly due to his big holiday film,Jack and Jill.

The twisted twin comedy earned him Worst Actor and Worst Actress,plus a Worst Supporting Actress spot for both Katie Holmes and David Spade. Sandler did get some credit for his horrible work in Just Go With It but clearly Jack and Jill was the cinematic straw that broke the moviegoer's back:

Sandler,however,is not the only belle of this bad movie ball. Nicholas Cage,no stranger to big screen stinkers,has a Worst Actor nod for all three of his 2011 films(Drive,Season of the Witch and Trespass)and a special place in Worst Screen Couple. In that category,it's basically him and anyone acting with him in any of those movies. Talk about ouch!

Cage doesn't seem to get too put out by these things;already he's setting up for next year's Razzies with his performance in Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance ,which came and went out of theaters this past winter:

There are other awful films pushing their way forward in this crowd to be noticed,such as the star packed rom-com New Year's Eve.

That murky attempt at mirth is up for the likes of Worst Actress(Sarah Jessica Parker,who is sharing that spot with her big flop,I Don't Know How She Does It),Worst Screenplay,Worst Director,Worst Screen Ensemble and naturally,Worst Film of the Year.

I'm sort of surprised that NYE didn't land a nomination in the Worst Prequel,Remake,Rip-Off or Sequel section,since this is the second holiday themed film that Worst Director nominee Gary Marshall has brought to theaters and he's promising to make another one all too soon. The mere thought of that is even scarier than a new Halloween reboot:

A movie that did make it to the Worst Prequel,Remake,etc. section was Twilight: Breaking Dawn,Part I. The next to last chapter in the beloved vampire saga also made it's mark in other Razzie areas,including Worst Screenplay,Worst Screen Couple and Worst Director.

As a fan of the series,I advise my fellow Twi-hards to relax and let those who don't understand our devotion to Bella and Edward laugh as much as they want to. After all,we're the ones these movies were meant for and taking such mockery in stride is what makes a pop culture devotee stronger:

In that spirit,I sincerely hope that Adam Sandler will make an appearance at the Razzie awards ceremony on April 1. You'd certainly be in good company(some Oscar winning company at that)and why avoid the one Hollywood celebration where you are without a doubt the guest of honor? Come on,dude,you're a comedian and the timing couldn't be better here,especially to give your career a desperately needed boost:

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