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Friday, April 06, 2012

The incredible,pop culture relatable egg

This holiday weekend is a double dose of spring celebration,with one seemingly ordinary but essential element that they share in common;the egg. Whether you're dying them for your Easter basket or preparing some for the first Seder of Passover,eggs are part and parcel of this season.

As a sassy side dish to this classic rite of spring,I've gathered up a few egg-centric pop culture moments to place in my blog basket of goodies for all to enjoy:

Our opening egg gag is from I Love Lucy,in one of the Connecticut episodes where Lucy and Ethel decide to stop their men from fighting about their chicken raising business by smuggling in store bought eggs to put in the reluctant layer's nests. Unfortunately for Lucy,Ricky picks the worst time to insist on the two of them rehearsing the tango for a local event. That dance number ends on a very crushing note indeed:

Speaking of dance,Veruca did a mean one as she sang her spoiled heart out in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory over not getting a special chocolate egg laying goose of her own.

Being so severely self centered,it was only natural that Veruca paid no attention to the quality measuring scales that those eggs were weighed on and the risk she took in climbing on top of one for her big finale. Then again,bad eggs are not fond of being detected:

Eggs of the non chocolate variety are meant to be eaten but first,they need to be properly cooked. One of the daunting challenges that Julie Powell undertook in her quest to make every recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking,as chronicled in the book and film Julie and Julia,was the egg chapter.

Julie wasn't a big fan of eggs to begin with and even the most seemingly simple of egg recipes such as poaching can be tricky even for an experienced chef. With a little persistence and help from loved ones,she did manage to conquer her distaste for eggs and learn to love them wholeheartedly:

Another important goal in dealing with eggs is to hatch them and it took the first season of Games of Thrones for Daenerys Targaryen to figure out how to awaken the set of dragon eggs she received as a wedding present.

As with most things,there was a bit of trial and error on her part but eventually she did discover not only the right way to bring those sleeping dragons to life,Dany realized a special power of her own ready to to be roused. Thanks to those early attempts,she soon learned how to be the true Mother of Dragons that she was destined to be:

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone and best wishes for great egg dishes this weekend. I hope that you all can share in the delights of the season and get that special treat from your holiday mascot of choice:

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