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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Censoring colorful reading casts more than 50 Shades of Grey on libraries

The most talked about book of the moment is E.L. James' novel 50 Shades of Grey,the first in a sexy trilogy that began as an online sensation and is now available in print form. The book has been labeled "Mommy porn" since the core audience for this erotic series seems to be over the age of 21 ladies(some of whom may not even be mothers)and that less than charming nickname is catching the eye of the censor happy crowd.

Reports of libraries pulling 50 Shades off of the shelves are coming in,fast and furious. One of the most recent removals was in Florida,where a local resident is petitioning for the book to be put back into circulation. That particular branch had about twenty copies,due to the long list of library patrons waiting to read it,and to deny tax paying citizens the right to reserve a popular title at their local library is flat out wrong,regardless of how you may feel about the contents of the book:

I don't blame the librarians themselves,clearly these decisions were made by their bosses who fear reprisals from the usual small minded suspects. However,I do hope that this matter is settled soon,for the good of the reading public in choosing what they want on the shelves. In the meantime,I do have a few recommendations for folks still waiting to get a hold of a copy of 50 Shades and looking for a bit of heat not related to the weather. You may be able to find these titillating titles at your library,hiding in plain sight,I wouldn't be surprised.

First up is Cecilia Grant's debut Regency romance,A Lady Awakened,which was reviewed at this blog a few months back. This story of a widow making a secretive bargain with a young nobleman in the neighborhood in order to inherit her husband's property is more than a mere excuse to roll in the hay. The characters are well thought out people,with emotional ranges that expand beyond the bedroom.

That being said,A Lady Awakened is suitably spicy for a forbidden fun read and the author will be releasing a new title along the same lines in June called A Gentleman Undone. Reading ALA first may not be necessary but it should be quite the warm-up,if you know what I mean*wink*:

Another steamy favorite of mine is Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart,the first in her fantasy series about a young woman that uses her unique talents and endurance for pain to save her kingdom from the clutches of evil doers. Now,this is a lengthy book to be sure but that is one of the best things about it,in my opinion.

If you're looking for a tempting tale to share with your significant other,this book should be your ticket to ride(particularly if your partner has a taste for Game of Thrones). The Kushiel series has fans both male and female that adore it,despite any off-color denials they may make:

Finally,for my fellow Jane Austen fans,a modern classic of sorts in this category is Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife by Linda Berdoll. The book was originally published in 1999 under the title The Bar Sinister and gained a rather notorious reputation for it's very intimate details concerning the Pride and Prejudice couple continuing their honeymoon,so to speak.

The new title came with a reprint in 2004 and a sequel soon followed,Darcy & Elizabeth:Days and Nights at Pemberley. While there are those who prefer not to venture beyond the parlor doors with these characters,one must admit that imaging the unbridled passion between Miss Lizzie and Mr.Darcy after the last page has turned is nearly impossible to resist:

Whatever lively lit you chose to indulge in,it's good to keep in mind that today's shocker quickly turns into tame fare in another generation or two. The history of scandalous books is a mixed bag,ranging from high art to sheer entertainment,but the right to read freely is always in style.

More of this fuss over 50 Shades will increase when the film version is made,no doubt about that. The wave of raised eyebrows and proclamations regarding decency at the movies when that time comes should be taken with a serious grain of salt,as this will have hardly been the first sexy book based motion picture. When it comes to pop culture, nothing is new under sun,or under any shade of grey indeed:

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