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Thursday, June 28, 2012

True Blood's Pam has Maker's remorse,Food Network Star gets grilled by the media and TLC's Craft Wars

The Tara situation on True Blood is getting worse by the minute,as a now coherent but overwhelmed by blood thirst Tara has fled from Sookie and Lafayette's dubious protection.

Desperate to find her,Sookie heads over to Fangtasia to ask Pam to use her Maker power to summon Tara but Pam is more concerned about Eric's disappearance,which Sookie did promise to look into there(Eric and Bill,btw,are still in the clutches of the Vampire Authority that in it's wisdom,chose new vamp Steve Newlin as their spokesperson. That is not going to end well,in my opinion).

Pam and Sookie come to blows over this and fortunately Tara was able to take refuge with Sam for the night(and most of the day)while this debate was going on. Glad to see Sookie finally be able to use that glowing hand blast of hers on command and I must say that Pam's texting speed is most impressive there:

Pam's indifference to Tara won't last long,I suspect,due to all of the flashbacks that she's been having lately regarding her own turning with Eric.

Granted,Pam wanted to become a vampire and went to some extreme lengths in order to persuade Eric to become her Maker while Tara was only turned as part of a bargain,both ladies do have fiery tempers in common which could help to form a bond between them. Hopefully,that connection will begin before Tara's attempt to fry herself gets too hot to handle:

The main challenge for the contenders on The Next Food Network Star this week was particularly daunting,as the teams had to go forth without their mentors to face the press.

Each person had to make a "perfect one bite" dish and do a timed presentation in front of a panel that included two Entertainment Weekly writers and an Entertainment Tonight correspondent.

Story telling was encouraged strongly here,yet that was a stumbling block for a good number of people such as Emily,who wound up in the Bottom Three and ultimately was sent home for her resistance to personalize her Retro Rad theme.

I felt bad for her,since Emily appears to be a real sweetheart and it seems as if she has a truly sad back story that she doesn't want to get into for the cameras(for which I can't blame her).

Martita's 30 seconds of dead air was more of a foul,in my opinion,but this dismissal doesn't necessarily mean the end of the road for Emily in this field. She has a warm personality that just needs a little more polishing before she can truly shine. This competition was only the beginning for her,I hope.

Next time,the remaining team players head to Miami for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival,where they cook for Paula Deen and family. Fun in the sun is not going to be on the menu for these folks,trust me on this!:

TLC debuted a new competition show this week called Craft Wars,starring Tori Spelling as the hostess with a panel of judges that awards ten grand to the person who can do the best work in the main challenge.

For the first episode,that challenge was to make a children's play house using school supplies(a crew of helpers and a wood working shop was provided to each contender). The little red schoolhouse that Cheryl made was amazingly good,even with the lack of interior items(other than the "monster backpacks") for any kids to play with inside.

It was certainly better than Christy's school bus design,which looked like little kids had put it together during recess. While she was wise to use chalkboard paint on the inside and to make an apple shaped cork board as well,the entire outer appearance deserved a C plus.

Before that round,there was an early challenge where a third contestant named Traci competed with the other two to make a sports bag out of sports equipment. Traci's downfall(and nearly also Cheryl's)was the use of spray glue,something that you wouldn't think of as a tension causer and yet here it was:

Craft Wars looked like fun to me and I think we ought to encourage TLC to do more shows like this than some of those more salacious ones*cough Sister Wives*cough. Even if you're not that crafty or into Tori Spelling(who does a decent job here),this series should be a campy cool refuge from the heat of the summer time TV season:


HELL'S KITCHEN: I've been keeping my eye on former Chopped champion Roshni on this season and sadly,despite her switch to the Blue team,she was sent home this week. Roshni did do some good work but her one bad night at the meat station caused her new team to turn on her.

Don't feel too bad,Roshni. At least you stayed out of most of the fray and personality wars being raged amongst the others,which puts you one step ahead of them all:

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