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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dive into the Copper Boom Summer Sale!

At Smashwords this month,a summertime sale is going on that allows E-book authors to give out coupons good for July to save a few bucks on buying their latest literary wares. Since my new online tale,The Chronicles of Copper Boom:Party Overkill,is already a 99 cent title,my coupons will let you have a download for free.

Yes, for free but only at Smashwords(TCOCB is available at B&N.com,Kobo and the Sony store as well)and you have your choice of two fabulous codes:

SSW25(lasts until July 31st,2012)or GE48G(good until August 1st,2012)

Use either one when downloading this book at Smashwords and please feel free to pass these coupons on to your friends looking for a good bargain book this season.

The Chronicles of Copper Boom is a five part series,set in a comic book hero reality where a young woman is forced to reveal her special powers upon being unexpectedly confronted by a party crashing super villain. If you're having a long wait in line to see the new Spiderman movie,this certainly will help to pass the time and put you in the right frame of mind for the show:

If your wait is even longer than the lines already forming for The Dark Knight Rises at the multiplex,my earlier E-book,The Hench Woman's Handbook is also part of the sale but you don't need a coupon to get it for free.

My first e-book is a "comic book novella",with a goofy young gal seeking advice on how to become a first class assistant to a major league bad guy and she finds a very direct source indeed.

Over the course of a long night at a dive bar,the former villainess shares her hard earned wisdom and personal anecdotes,not to mention a few personal vendettas as well:

Both books feature cover art done by my talented sister,Stephanie O'Donnell,whose graphic work can be seen at the online series Perfect Agent,written by the awesome Greg Carter. I hope to have her create the cover for the second installment of Copper Boom,which will be called "A Chilling Warmth."

There's still some time before that part of the story will be ready,so please take this golden as the summer sun opportunity to begin The Chronicles of Copper Boom via the magic of coupons(Happy Fourth,folks!):

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