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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Pam finds her maternal instinct on True Blood,Food Network Star has a beach party and TLC's Four Houses

Starting from they left off last time on True Blood,Pam rescued/forced Tara to stop attempting solar suicide and marched her over to Fangtasia,where Bill and Eric have finally showed up.

As much as Pam was happy to see Eric again,his interrogation of her regarding Russell's release caused another rift between them.

She was rightly upset over the apparent lack of trust but after a cooling off period,Eric leveled with Pam about the danger that both he and Bill are in. The only way that Eric felt he could protect her was to release Pam from his power as a Maker over her. She reluctantly accepted,yet when push comes to shove,I have no doubt that Pam will do whatever she can to help him with Russell and the Vampire Authority:

With that done,Pam is now shifting her focus to Tara,who not only hates being a vampire but is less than thrilled with the whole "As your Maker,I command you" clause. This pairing seems oddly apropos,as both of these women are strong willed and loyal to those they love.

Also,I suspect Pam is going to be more of a positive mother figure to Tara than her own ever was and if the two of them can get over the initial awkwardness of the situation,they might realize that this turning might be the best thing that happened to them both:

The gang at The Next Food Network Star headed down to Miami,where the South Beach Food & Wine Festival is under way. Their main challenge was to make two dishes for a beach party hosting Paula Deen and her family.

One dish had to be kid friendly while the other was for the adults and a thirty second tip on how to improve outdoor cooking was filmed and shown during the meal.

Most of the contenders did well here,but the Bottom Two came from Team Bobby. Michele's stone crabs weren't safe for either the children or the grown-ups,due to the amount of shells left in the dish and Malcolm's P.O.V. was and is pretty much nonexistent.

While they both whipped up great cocktails for the Producer's Challenge,it was crystal clear that Michele's New England focus had a more solid basis than Malcolm's on the spot "soulful like my mother" theme. He has never wanted to develop a p.o.v. throughout this competition,insisting that his cooking skills and personality were enough. Sorry,dude,but they're really not which is why you went home here.

Next week,they're still in South Beach and a live food demo is expected from everyone. Part of the challenge is dealing with sabotage,so all of them better be ready to roll with it:

TLC debuted another new show this week called Four Houses,where a group of homeowners tour each other's homes and rate them based on style,comfort and originality.

The highest scoring place wins ten grand and a photo spread in Better Homes and Gardens. Frankly,I think the show would be more compelling if the homes featured were bit a more down to earth.

Most of the houses displayed on the first episode were clearly very upscale,which makes you think that ten grand wouldn't do much for these people. Perhaps just a better balance,with one or two fancy houses up against your average suburban dwellings done with that extra touch that means so much. Maybe it's just me but I find it hard to relate to someone who longs for a stuffed peacock in their decor:

The house that won did have a nice European flair to it,yet it wasn't exactly a homey place to live in(not to mention how incredibly pretentious the owner came across as).

I'll give this series another chance,just to see if things get wackier or slowly start to even out. Then again,it might be best to wait for Four Weddings(which has a lot more going for it)to return later this month instead. We shall see!:


BUNHEADS: A new episode will be on next Monday and it looks like we're going to see the adult angst merge with the teen tension as Fanny preps the school for the Joffrey ballet auditions,with some assistance from Michelle who is overwrought enough to toss in a Godfather reference in her latest ramble:

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