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Thursday, July 26, 2012

True Blood's Pam and Tara special moment,a Bunheads birthday and the winner of Food Network Star is....

Things are really ratcheting up on True Blood,as Sookie seriously considers the possibility of being free of her fairy powers,Jason struggles with the need to know more about the vampire that killed his parents(I have my doubts about that story he and Sookie were given,since in the books it was fairies who did the Stackhouses in)and Hoyt falling in with the self appointed monster hunter crowd.

On top of that,Lafayette being held prisoner by Jesus's uncle who wanted to transfer that demon legacy to his unborn child,Sam on the trail of the gang that shot him and Luna and the werewolf division in the ranks over who's in charge makes for a rather full plate of plot lines at the moment.

During all of this,Tara received a less than welcome visit from her mother at Fangtasia,while she was on the stripper pole,no less. Her mother declared that she as a preacher's wife couldn't have a vampire for a daughter(although it was fine for that daughter to grow up with a manic drunk for a mom,apparently).

Tara acted like that maternal dismissal was nothing in public,yet later alone with Pam,she opened up a little about how much that relationship still affected her. Pam actually offered her some comfort and approval,which was nice to see. However,I don't think Pam expected such a strong emotional response from Tara as that hug. This blood bond between them is growing by leaps and bounds,which may be a good thing considering what's happening with the Authority right now:

Meanwhile,at the Authority,it was revealed that Salome was behind Russell's reemergence and everyone seems to be in a forgiving mood about past grievances,except for Bill and Eric,that is.

Nevertheless,the guys were included in an initiation ritual that involved drinking the sacred blood of Lilith. Eric and Bill went along,convinced that vampire blood wouldn't affect them at all. Turns out that ancient vampire blood is pretty potent,as the lot of them were higher than kites and roaming the streets of New Orleans looking for a good time.

Their idea of fun was attacking a wedding party and turning the guests into their own personal buffet of blood. That was very bad business there and the potential spark for an all-out vampire/human war. Someone seems to be invested in that concept,what with the werewolves being offered V for their allegiance and the suspiciously grassroots monster squad who has a secret source of info about the supernatural folks in their community.

Sookie needs to hold on to what fairy mojo she has left in her,especially since many of the dark forces brewing up know of her existence and even the protection of Bill,Eric or even Alcide might not be enough to save her or her loved ones. Plus,this new path of Lilith followers is going towards a very bad end,if you ask me:

One of the major characters on Bunheads took a break this week,as Fanny decided to push Michelle out onto the dance floor to teach by taking a much needed mini vacation without any prior warning.

Michelle's big worry was about the plans for her birthday,a road trip that she and her best friend Talia from Vegas were geared up for. Those arrangements changed and included Truly,the quirky dress maker who knows what's good for everyone but herself.

Truly may not have been the friendliest person that Michelle's meet in Paradise but she really isn't the scary troll that Michelle thinks she is. Perhaps Michelle is starting to realize that making a local friend or two might be a good idea,if she's planning to stick around Paradise there:

Those last minute birthday plans took the merry trio to a carnival with a "movie truck" showing a grisly flick called Mountains of Arms(which sounds hilariously bad,btw). The quartet of budding bunheads from Fanny's school were also in the audience,with Boo crushing hard on her friend's brother and aloof Sasha trying hard to ignore the dramatic implosion of her parent's marriage.

That inner angst was well expressed by an end credits dance that added a surreal air to the episode. With more interesting stuff like this to strut,Bunheads has a better shot at getting a second season,it appears to me:

The winner of this season's The Next Food Network Star was Justin and congratulations are in order for him. While I would have preferred Michele or Yvan to take the win,Justin is a talented chef with a strong point of view that will work well for him and his future show.

Most of this run of TNFNS was pretty drama free,unlike the last time with the Dreadful Penny*shudder*. The mentor concept was interesting to see,but I hope that if they keep this set-up in place that they change the line-up. A little Giada goes a long way,that's all I'm saying:


DESIGN STAR: It was great to watch Danielle win this season,although Brittany did her best and would've been a good choice,too. Danielle's new series,Shop This Room,starts up in early August and I wish her the best of luck:

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