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Thursday, July 12, 2012

True Blood's Tara makes her Fangtasia debut,Food Network Star deals with sabotage and checking in on Bunheads

On True Blood this week,Tara took her first steps as a vampire by getting all dressed up and ready to roll at Fangtasia. While she still has strong reservations about embracing the eternal night life,it's clear that Tara is no longer in the reluctant creature of the night phase.

However,her troubles are far from over,as Pam comes from the tough love school of vamp parenting and puts her new girl to work behind the bar. Tara does know her way around a cocktail but isn't fully ready to handle human customers without a little supervision just yet:

Tara gets a little consolation from Jessica,who more than understands how hard it is to adjust to this new way of life. She offers to be gal pals with Tara and the offer is not rejected. The two of them are the youngest vampires on the block(not counting the former Rev. Steve,who will be popping up again soon,I'm sure)and teaming up could be of great benefit to both.

However,with Tara feeding off a now barhopping fangbanger Hoyt and Jessica discovering them together,this new friendship is not off to a good start. Perhaps they'll be able to patch things up after the initial cat fight because there is plenty of bad business going on around them that will require a little unity to stay out of the fray as much as possible:

The remaining contenders on The Next Food Network Star were still at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival,with their main challenge being a live food demo. The secret twist was that each person had a different setback to deal with during their presentation.

Some folks rose to the occasion,like Martie whose lack of equipment and ingredients didn't rain on her parade. Others such as Justin managed to do well at first but faltered towards the end.

On the chopping block for this round were two members of Team Giada,Ippy and Martita. Ippy floundered when his audience began to walk off and Martita was so flustered when her peppers were switched that she couldn't maintain any energy or work in a personal story.

The Producers' Challenge had each of them give a quick promo for a mystery item under a cover(oranges)and once again,Martita's chatter was too general,so she was sent home. She did seem to be really nice but I think a lot of expectations were put on her during this competition(Giada,this means you!)and those were too much for Martita to live up to.

Next week is crucial,as the Final Six will become the Final Three after filming promos for their intended shows. The ultimate winner will be chosen by viewer votes and hopefully,the best person will get the green light and a good show as well.

It's been a few weeks since Bunheads premiered and while there is some awkwardness around the edges,the show does seem to be merging the central themes of Michelle's new life with her wacky mother-in-law and the town of Paradise with the multiple plot points involving the girls in Fanny's ballet class into a cohesive story spine.

This week's episode was a good middle grounder that had Fanny's concerns over the Joffrey auditions being moved well mirrored with Michelle's anxiety about setting up housekeeping in the small shed behind the main house and the tension amongst the students regarding the audition itself.

Speaking of the girls,Boo is the sweetheart of the bunch and clearly has the spirit of dance strongly within her. Her main obstacles are the emotional roller-coaster that is her self confidence and the bias against her body type,which is also given mixed messages by her mom. I do think her mother means well but sometimes it's not helpful to openly prepare for the worst,especially regarding an artistic challenge:

All in all,I think Bunheads has a good chance of succeeding in it's mission to entertain and am planning to watch the rest of the first season with hopes that it will not be the last. Particularly if they keep up with the dance routine portion of the show like next episode's paper vs. plastic ballet battle(that is so must-see!):


HELL'S KITCHEN: There were some special guests dining at the chef's table in each section this week and the girl's team had David Beckham(plus his son,Brooklyn)on their side. Ladies,I get the whole starstruck thing but even in a hot kitchen,you need to cool your jets in order to stay in the game! Bending for Beckham doesn't win you any points with Chef Ramsey,gals:

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