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Thursday, July 19, 2012

True Blood's Tara settles a score,voting for the Next Food Network Star and more Craft Wars

When last we checked in on True Blood,the budding friendship between Tara and Jessica was cut short when Jessica realized that Hoyt was being fang banged by her potential new gal pal in the next ladies' room stall at Fangtasia.

While Jessica is the older vampire,Tara has had a lot more experience in throwing down and she was close to seriously kicking her ass.

Pam halted the proceedings,then dragged her new protege off for a mixture of scolding and praise. There's a lot of push-pull going on in this relationship and it's hard to tell at this point where that's going to lead:

Hoyt was hoping that Jessica's anger meant that she wanted to get back with him but instead,he was emotionally shot down again. Later that night,he was reluctantly rescued by a group of self appointed monster hunters,who killed the vamp feeding off of him and then carried him away in their van.

Meanwhile Jason took Sookie to the fairy bar that he and Andy were tossed out of recently and confronted cousin Hadley about how their parents died. Hadley's info came from Claude,the brother of Sookie's former fairy godmother,who was told by Claudine that a vampire attacked them due to a trace amount of Sookie's blood in the back seat of their car.

She didn't take that news too well and tried to use that fairy magic of hers but it seems to be on low supply at the moment. That is a very bad development,particularly since Russell Edgington was able to turn the tables on Roman and stake him instead. Alas,Christopher Meloni,gone from this show too soon! Anyhow,things are definitely more dangerous for Sookie and friends,so hopefully she can recharge her fairy batteries soon:

It was make or break time on The Next Food Network Star,as the remaining six contenders had to film a promo for their potential show and only three of them would get a greenlight for a pilot episode as their last challenge.

Team Bobby's winner of that round was Michele and Team Giada was able to put up Yvan as their champ. In a surprising twist,both of the final members of Team Alton(Martie and Justin)were given that last spot in the finale.

The pilots were filmed and aired(about 3 minutes in length for each),with viewers allowed to vote for their favorites for two days afterward online. Yes,I voted and my ballots went to the two that I felt were the strongest.

While Justin's Rebel with a Culinary Cause had a nice mix of snark and cooking skill,he just doesn't click with me. As for Martie with the Party,she told several amusing stories but didn't give out enough details about what went into her dish,plus it looked rather cumbersome to serve.

Michele,on the other hand,has a refreshing view of things with My New England and even though I'm not that big of a seafood fan,her enthusiasm really wins you over:

Yvan's Family Style also resonated with me. He had great interaction with his little brother on camera and I can see folks trying to make that sweet corn mac & cheese of his. His onscreen sincerity is truly appetizing and I would be happy to see either him or Michele take the win here:

The polls are now closed,so we'll have to see who the winner is this Sunday night. I don't know if FN will keep up with the mentor theme for next season but it's been a decent trial run of that concept:

TLC's Craft Wars is still going strong,with fun ideas such as making birdhouses from items found in a junk drawer,turning beach equipment into backyard lounge furniture and making a toy box out of toys.

The level of building skills amongst the contestants tends to vary,with folks quick to use the wrong type of glue or felting when they should be painting. The creativity can be also be just as daunting but so far,I have not been bored while watching this.

It helps that Tori is a rather moderate host and that two of the judges delight in exchanging friendly banter during the deliberations. Overall,Craft Wars looks like it may be a keeper on this network and with any luck,not just for the summer:


PROJECT RUNWAY: The new season starts tonight and since I haven't checked in on this series for some time,now feels like the time to see some serious sewing action(or some good Tim Gunn advice,at least):

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