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Thursday, August 09, 2012

True Blood's Pam gets dethroned,a budding Bunheads romance and a couple of unappetizing commercials

The vampire revolution is under way on True Blood,as the bombing of the TB factories is making worldwide news and mainstreaming vamps are getting nervous about their supply. At Fangtasia,Tara suggests stockpiling what's left on hand to Pam,who quickly shoots that notion down. Her reasoning is that if their human customers become items on the menu,the bar will be shut down fast.

That line of pragmatism that Pam wants to take won't be holding up for long,as a new Authority appointee to the Area Five Sheriff post sets up shop at Fangtasia and insists that public feeding on humans is no longer banned. Looks like our two new blood buddies are going to have to make a stand all on their own:

Eric,on the other hand,has plenty on his plate as well. He plans an escape from Authority headquarters with only Molly the tech girl vamp and Bill as active allies.

Unfortunately,Bill sells them out after getting a wicked high off of Salome's blood and having another vision of Lilith(which I find a little suspicious there and hopefully so will Bill before it's too late).

Plot lines seem to be converging towards a major league showdown,which should be fun but perhaps not so safe for both mortal and immortal participants alike when the dust finally settles:

Love is in the air for Bunheads,as Fanny returns from her vacation with a long time lover in tow(played by Richard Gant and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be more than just a one time appearance character)and Boo's new dance partner Carl is interested in more than her fox trot.

The reason that Boo is even dancing with Carl,a sweet but overenthusiastic fella,is due to Sasha extending her teen rebellion to the dance studio by getting a tan and streaking her hair blue. As a warning to her wayward pupil, Fanny assigned Boo to the standard Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire routine for an upcoming performance.

Since Carl is not as tall as her,Boo was less than thrilled to be rehearsing with him. However,the guy is a charmer and begins to court Boo in such a wholehearted old school way that she starts to respond to his persistent wooing there.

Unfortunately,her gal pals are quick to put the kibosh on this potential romance and since the finale is next week,perhaps by then Boo'll tell them to back off and let her make her own choices of the heart:

Normally,I don't get into commercials too much during my TV rundowns but there are a couple of ads on the air that are using kids in not the right way,in my opinion. Ragu spaghetti sauce is doing a series of spots called A Long Day of Childhood where the premise is to get over those unpleasing moments(Mom cleaning your face with spit,mean kids drawing on you while you sleep)with a plate of Ragu coated pasta.

One of those moment,however,has a little boy walking in on his parents in the bedroom and apparently no one at the ad agency has read Proust or they would know that linking food with a traumatic event is not a good notion:

Also,the folks at Kraft have been doing a set of ads where kids complain about their parents swiping their mac and cheese. At first,it was cute but now the ads are becoming more aggressive with the youngsters taking action against their folks.

The one commercial in this series that really annoys me has a little boy lecturing his mother's book club and threatening to write a tell-all book about how horrible Mom is for sharing his mac & cheese with her friends.

Yes,I know this is meant to be a joke and granted,I don't have any kids but I wouldn't even talk to my own mother like that now as a grown woman and it's not funny to see this child speak that way to his elders. If I were the mom in this ad,my first response would be more like Tyler Perry's Madea than the guilty faced woman presented here,that's all I'm saying:


HELL'S KITCHEN: New episodes start next Monday and one would think that by now,the remaining chefs have their timing down pat during dinner service but then again,they do need to keep Chef Ramsey annoyed about something:

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