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Thursday, August 23, 2012

True Blood's Pam protects her girl,A Bunheads finale and Face Off gets a Star Wars starting point

As we get closer and closer to the end of this season of True Blood,things are unraveling quickly as Sam and Luna use their shape shifting abilities to find Emma at the Authority headquarters,Alcide goes home to his checked out daddy and Bill is having seriously dangerous visions of Lilith which are not exclusive to him.

Meanwhile,Pam is worried about the fallout of Tara's killing obnoxious sheriff Elijah and uses her Marker control to keep her progeny silent about the incident. Jessica then pops into Fangtasia,needing a place to hide after her fake plan to turn Jason makes her a fugitive.

Pam doesn't want to help but Jessica offers to tell her where Eric is. Along with that info,Jessica tells both Pam and Tara about what's going on at the Authority and Pam sees the whole thing as a bad case of vampire nesting. Fortunately,Eric has taken advantage of some of the crazy and made his way out of there(with a disillusioned Nora in tow)already.

Hopefully,he'll be able to save her from the Authority,since that sheriff turned out to be a progeny of Rosalind who arrested Pam for his murder. Jessica was reclaimed as well,so it will be up to Tara to set up some kind of rescue mission:

On the fairy front,Sookie was granted an audience with an Elder who was rather loopy but did know something about the mysterious deal between Warlow and the Stackhouse ancestor who signed that deal for ownership of our Miss Stackhouse.

Before she was about to get into more details,Jason arrived to warn Sookie about Russell,which got all of the fae in an uproar and they devised a plan to bring him down. Unfortunately,the crux of the plot was way too reliant on the Fae Elder taking care of Russell,once he and Steve Newlin were lead to the hidden fairy nightclub by Jason(who let himself be captured as part of the plan).

Here's a handy tip,magic folk;don't let the one amongst you whose concentration is the worst lead the charge against the enemy,even if she has seniority. That way,you won't be vulnerable when her blood is drained by the evil master vampire who can now see exactly where you're all hiding! Here's hoping that someone comes along to help save the day,even Warlow,in the finale because Sookie can't rely on her blood drinking beaus this time around:

Bunheads wrapped up their first season with Sasha returning in time to take the role of Clara in the annual summer production of The Nutcracker and for a while there,it seemed as if Michelle was finally starting to fit in with the scene in Paradise.

That promising notion was shot to hell when she inadvertently took down the entire cast of the show by mistaking pepper spray for hairspray. Michelle also happened to kindly interfere in Fanny's love life,causing yet another bridge to be burned and her only option appeared to be hitting the road.

Despite her dramatic leave taking at the end of the episode,all is not lost here. Bunheads will be returning in winter 2013,so Michelle and company should be back on track by then. I know this opening season has had a few ups and downs but it's been a fun ride for the most part and a nice surprise for those of us who persisted in watching by granting a second shot to this show:

Season three of SyFy channel's make-up artist competition show,Face Off,began this week with an out of this world challenge. Everyone had to work in teams of two to create an original character that would fit into the iconic cantina scene from Star Wars.

There were quite a few good creatures pulled together here but the hands down winner belonged to Rod and Roy,who made an entire body suit for the small sneaky con artist that they made.

Rod in particular looked like a very nice guy(he helped out another team that was struggling)and it was great to see him win.

Next week,pirates are on deck and it may not be smooth sailing for all concerned. If you haven't seen this series yet,I urge you to do so,especially if behind the scenes magic is something that's right up your alley:


RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE ALL STARS: The competition is set to begin this October with plenty of fan favorite contenders such as Latrice Royale,Pandora Boxx and Mimi Imfurst in the line-up. Rooting for just one diva to take the win will be hard but well worth watching,I'm sure:

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