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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A handful of Emmy 2012 highlights

For the first time in a long while,I did watch the entire presentation of the Emmy awards,something that I tend to not tune into due to the lack of attention paid to shows that I like such as True Blood or The Vampire Diaries(also,Sons of Anarchy deserved a couple of noms there,in my opinion).

The show was pretty much what I expected,and if you're a big fan of Modern Family and Homeland,this was definitely your year. Despite some disappointments and limited humor(that whole "let's play a joke on the internet!" bit that host Jimmy Kimmel tried to pull off with Tracey Morgan went nowhere fast),there were some fun moments and great wins to see:

MELISSA MCCARTHY'S MAN FEVER: Melissa and Mindy Kaling were teamed up to announce the winner for Best Actor in a Comedy Series,with Melissa stealing the show as she lustily read off the names of the nominees.

I know that she's busy with Mike and Molly these days,but someone needs to give this woman a movie to star in and not as a supporting player either. Better yet,maybe she could host the Emmys next year(sorry,but I wasn't too impressed with what Kimmel did with the show here). Melissa's crack timing and delivery should be granted more big as well as small screen time:

THE DOWAGER DUCHESS GETS HER DUE: Sadly,Downton Abbey did not reap the benefits of being a multiple nominee except for Maggie Smith winning Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

At least one trophy went to DA and even though Dame Maggie wasn't there to accept her award,most of us have no problem in imaging what she would have to say on such an occasion. Much like her character,this great lady is rarely at a loss for words:

LUCKY LOUIE: Comedian Louis C.K. won a pair of Emmys that evening,one for writing an episode of his F/X series Louie and the other for a stand up special called Live at the Beacon Theater.

The stand-up show is mainly available thru his website but it did air on F/X once,so it was eligible for nomination(it got three other noms but only won for writing). Having been a fan of both his stage routines and his previous series on HBO(which wasn't given a real chance to thrive),these awards are full vindication for his efforts.

His style of humor may not be for everybody but what Louis does,he does very well indeed:

PLAYING A WINNING GAME: The best made for television movie of the year was Game Change,which won five awards including Best Actress for Julianne Moore,Best Director for Jay Roach and Best Screenplay for Danny Strong,which made me especially happy.

Strong has done well as a screenwriter,but to me and other Buffy fans,he'll always be Jonathan,that ever present outsider who rose as high as a member of the Big Bads for the sixth season yet remained a good guy towards the end(and yes,he was also Paris' main man on Gilmore Girls). Seeing him win his first Emmy was a nice Revenge of the Nerds moment there:

So,all in all,a decent showing but it would have nice for the likes of Mad Men,Game of Thrones and any other sitcom than Modern Family(sorry,but that one doesn't tickle my funny bone)to get some of that Emmy love this time around.

Then again,there's always next time and the most important thing for the non-winners in the audience to remember is keeping a good poker face as someone else claims what you hoped to be your award:

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