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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Project Runway contender gets a cutting critique,A Vampire Diaries worry and dreaming of Downton Abbey

Last week's episode of Project Runway allowed the designers to create their own print pattern that represented their heritage,a challenge that some took to with ease while others struggled. One of those particularly having a hard time with this was Ven,who opted for a simple hibiscus flower on white.

His first choice was to turn the print into an embellishment for his dress,by making little fanned bows that would go across it. I personally didn't find that to be much of an effort but Tim Gunn was put off by that look for a very unusual reason:

After that rather intriguing critique,Ven changed his whole concept but the end results weren't that much better(although it did have less of a feminine hygiene look there).

That dress had everything in Ven's bag of sewing tricks,plus the kitchen sink. It was such a hot mess that not only did he wind up in the Bottom Two,the judges even asked Tim Gunn to come and talk to them about it. During that chat,he informed the panel of his original assessment,which I think captured their imaginations for a moment or two.

Ven managed to stay in the competition and one would be tempted to feel a little sorry for him if they hadn't seen his prior obnoxious behavior,including the humiliation he visited upon a makeover client a few episodes back. Payback can be a bitch in heels,indeed:

Season four of The Vampire Diaries is set to start on October 11,with Elena in the midst of a transition from human to vampire. I hope she does go full vamp,especially since that will even the odds between her and her elder doppelganger Katherine,if she shows up again.

However,the chances of me and other fans in the New York area getting to see TVD on TV are pretty slim at this point. Seems that Cablevision is waging yet another war with a channel provider(Tribune)over fees which means that Channel 11,our home of the CW in my neck of the woods,has been gone since the summer. Way to go,guys!

There is still some time before we have to really worry yet I can't help but find it annoying to be deprived of a channel that's been around all of my life,even before the whole cable thing took over the air waves! Oh well,I can always watch TVD online when the CW website uploads it,several days later*sigh*:

At least I have the comfort of knowing that Downton Abbey will be returning to PBS this January,without any major obstacles in it's path. Just the thought of seeing Shirley MacClaine try to best Maggie Smith at witty bon mots is a pleasant notion to savor over.

That won't be the only plot line worth following,as poor Anna strives to get her unjustly imprisoned husband released,Lady Edith has renewed hopes for romance and the Crawley family fortune is in bad shape due to the aftermath of the war. This is supposed to be the final season yet perhaps we might hope for just one more?:


ELEMENTARY: The wait will soon be over,as this new version of Sherlock Holmes and Watson makes it's debut next Thursday. Looking forward to seeing this dynamic duo in action and expecting others to give it a fair shot at success:

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