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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Announcing the Alternate Emmy awards!

We interrupt our usual TV Thursday coverage to bring you a special look at some of the highlights of this television year that will more than likely not be featured on the upcoming Emmy awards presentation later this month.

A major reason why most folks don't tune into the Emmys is that they either ignore certain shows(particularly in the fantasy/sci-fi arena)or over/under rate others.

However,it is important to give TV performers and creators their just due and yet,I feel that a more fan friendly celebration is in order(and I don't mean the People's Choice Awards either).

Here at LRG,we prefer to honor those key moments that make any genre of TV viewing well worth watching and instead of making you wait for some hyped-up list of nominees,we'll go right to the winners circle:

BEST WATERCOOLER MOMENT: With Mad Men having to take a year long hiatus,due to contract issues,between seasons,many were concerned about the staying power of the series.

Those doubts were quickly dispersed in the first episode when the new Mrs. Don Draper did a little song and dance number for him and their friends at his "surprise" birthday party. It was not only a light and lively way to jump start the show,that unexpected performance also set up the tone for the generation gap growing between the SCDP regulars and their new counterparts:

MOST CONSISTENT TEAM PLAYER: Even though Downton Abbey has had only two seasons(with a third and final due early next year)that have given both the upstairs and downstairs residents a great deal of challenges and changes,there is one cast member who can always be counted on to say something memorable.

That dear lady would be The Dowager Countess Violet,played to perfection by Maggie Smith,whose wit and veracity has aged better than wine. In addition to her verbal skills,Countess Violet's steadfast sense of what is right and proper,plus her spirited resistance to new ways and loyalty to those who need it are what make Her Ladyship a welcome sight in any scene:

MOST IMPROVED CHARACTER: Fans of True Blood don't tend to agree on everything but a good number of them were fed up with the emotional ups and downs that supporting player Tara Thornton has had to endure for the last couple of seasons.

That tune has changed,along with Tara's status as a member of the living. Her transformation into a vampire,bound to tough as nails Pam,really allowed her to get some real breathing room. The fierce feisty nature that she displayed in earlier seasons is back with a new sense of purpose in protecting her Maker and their stake in this ever changing game of blood politics:

WORST WHINING: Reality shows do lend themselves to a fair share of temper tantrums and general bad behavior but by far,watching a grown person whimper and pout like a child over a situation that they got him/herself into for the chance to be on TV is flat out annoying.

This happens quite a bit on The Amazing Race,which during it's last season had a team from another reality series Big Brother competing;Brendon and Rachel,aka

Those of us not familiar with this less than dynamic duo couldn't figure why Brendon had so much patience with his eternally whining partner,who moan about her plights with such charming bon mots as "I'm not as smart as you!" and "The Amazing Race is supposed to be fun and good!". Well,Rach,TAR is fun and good but mostly for the audience in this case:

BEST USE OF BOOM BOOM POW: Game of Thrones viewers were getting a little restless for some serious action during the second season but after having a taste of what wildfire can do,everyone stayed riveted to their seats.

Tyrion's bold move in attempting to take out Stannis' fleet did gain some ground for his soldiers but that impressive display didn't faze the main man himself. However,his remaining troops were shaken up as well as a tad reluctant to go back for more:

We hope you have enjoyed this medley of TV moments and that fresh new ones in the coming new year will be even better. In the meantime,this year's Emmys will be handed on September 23 with host Jimmy Kimmel,who may make them just as watchable as Neil Patrick Harris has made the Tonys:

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