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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Checking out of Hotel Hell,this season's pack of TAR contenders and Project Runway's latest problem child

The first season of Gordon Ramsey's makeover series,Hotel Hell,ended this week with a pair of back to back episodes. Sadly,I missed the first half at the River Rock Inn(which apparently was not the tidiest place to stay) but I did catch the second hour.

That episode was at the Roosevelt,where the owner preferred to pay more attention to the murder mystery events he set up and starred in as Sherlock Holmes(claiming to have a better British accent that Gordon himself!) than the soul crushing misery his wife was enduring by running most of the place by herself:

You felt sorry for the wife in particular at the Roosevelt,since her husband just invested all of their money into this venture and didn't even bother to consult with her about it until it was too late to back out.

Fortunately,Gordon got through to him but not without giving this clueless guy a bit of well deserved hell. When this show will appear again is uncertain yet it's return will be welcome indeed,based on the ratings. Frankly,I'm surprised that there isn't a Gordon Ramsey channel in the works because he appears to be working non-stop on TV-take a break,Gordon,you've certainly earned one!:

The 21st season of The Amazing Race will begin on September 30 and the new set of teams include a pair of Chippendale dancers, a couple of monster truck owners and a married couple who arranged lumberjack competitions.

Also on board is a professional female snowboarder with artificial limbs, a guy who was the bassist for two metal bands(White Lion and Megadeth)and some reality show alums.

The biggest change to the typical TAR proceedings,however,is the addition of
a double your money bonus;if the first team to win the first leg of the competition also happens to win the whole shebang,they get two million dollars instead of one. Now,that's a way to raise the stakes to a very new level,indeed!:

Just about every season of Project Runway has it's troublesome designer,that guy or gal who acts up whenever things aren't going their way and making the tension of the competition even more difficult to bear.

While we've had plenty of candidates for this dubious honor here(and still not happy with Ven,who treated his "real sized" client incredibly awful),the choice for this season's menace is clear. Elena has proven to be moody,bossy and quick to downgrade the abilities of others,making any team challenge with her an ordeal you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy:

Elena is as equally skilled in making herself miserable as well. Last week's challenge had everyone making dresses that would fit into a line for Lord & Taylor and most of the designers went the little black dress route. While it can be tricky to turn something that basic into a unique design suitable for mass production,such a task is not impossible or unworthy of someone looking to become a professional in this field.

Alas,Elena bitched and moaned about "compromising" her vision,especially to Tim Gunn who gave her some solid advice. *Sigh* I don't get these people who go on shows that have been around long enough for anyone to get an idea of what to expect and then carry on about how they can't handle certain things that traditionally occur on the program. Do you not watch the show beforehand?

Elena's dress turned out fine,even the judges were pleased with it. However,that entitled attitude of hers will be more of a drawback as time goes on and how long hers will last on PR remain to be seen,in my opinion:


2 BROKE GIRLS: Yes,Virginia,there will be a second season and it starts on September 24 at a new time,9:00. That slightly later air time might calm down some of those folks who got all up in a tizzy about the mature nature of the jokes. If not,too bad for them,I say:

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