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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who's your Fantasy Candidate for President of Pop Culture Land?

Along with new TV shows and old sweaters,the arrival of the fall season also heralds in another rounds of elections for public office. Regardless of what party you're in or opinions you may have about one issue versus the other,I suspect that most of us would like a little more variety in our ballot box selections this year.

If only we could write-in a few fun figures from our collective pop culture to liven the race up. Then again,who says we can't? They do have Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Celebrity League,so why not add in a beloved(or not so beloved)character to lead our country into a brighter tomorrow? Here are a handful of LRG nominated candidates that are definitely worth your consideration,if not your vote:

JANE AUSTEN: While she is,or rather was,a real person,Miss Austen has been used for fictional purposes in both books and film,which more than qualifies her for the position.

Granted,she may prefer to devote more time to her writing but such an abundance of sense and sensibility within one person can not be overlooked or undervalued. Who better to teach us how to retrench during these difficult financial times we're in or to rally our spirits while keeping to tough yet steady standards that will provide us all with a handsome future(or husband,as the case may be):

DAENERYS TARGARYEN: This young would-be queen of Westeros may not be the most experienced in political matters but her fiery determination to reclaim her birthright more than makes up for that.

Being the Mother of Dragons also gives her an unprecedented advantage in playing any game of thrones anywhere. True,her "children" are small in stature yet they won't always be that size for long. It would be wise to pledge allegiance to House Targaryen before this Khaleesi throws her royal hat into the ring:

REGINA MILLS: In addition to her term as Mayor of Storybrooke,this regal lady has had experience being in command in more than one reality and is not afraid to make those tough decisions that will keep her in power.

Regina isn't a sweetheart when it comes implementing policy,public or personal yet she does get the job done. One thing is for certain;it's better to be her employee than her enemy because she is one tough apple to tangle with:

DON DRAPER: This Madison Avenue marvel may be some what old fashioned in his approach to things,however his smooth talking and lightening fast creative ideas have made many a sale go through and salvaged plenty of perilous personal situations as well.

Convincing others to give in to plans that will benefit everyone in some way is the nature of politics,after all,and having a sharp dressed man deliver your argument with poise and confidence can make all the difference:

Whoever is the winner in the end,there is one certainty that we can count on and that is there is no perfect leader that will make all of our troubles disappear,even if they do know how to perform magic spells or slay monsters.

At least in Pop Culture Land,we can always dream of new heroes and heroines to guide us down whatever rough road lies before us and such inspiration is a real boon to our sagging spirits. While it's nice to imagine someone from our past to return to present day to save us from ourselves,it might be best to leave that person right where they are in order to prevent any unknown chaos to creep in,especially if it has fangs:

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