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Friday, November 30, 2012

I'll take Unexpected TV Musical Moments for 1000,Alex!

While we do have TV shows these days that openly cater to the musical loving crowd such as Glee,Nashville and even The Voice,some of the best fun to be found in this area comes right out of the blue.

Not that I mind a nice musical themed episode there but when all of a sudden,the regular cast on a drama or sitcom surprises us by bursting into song,that's a true sweet treat for the soul.

Here are a handful of special singalong sequences from the small screen that I've selected for your viewing pleasure:

HOT BLOODED,INDEED: One of the early indicators that the leading lady and man on the forensic detective series Bones would become a couple was their mutual enjoyment of Foreigner's "Hot Blooded."

While Dr. Brennan was a little reluctant to confess her love of that song,Agent Booth made that choice of rocking tune very acceptable,to the point where the two of them performed it together in public:

SING US A SONG,YOU'RE THE CASTLE MAN: During the third season of Castle, Rick and Detective Beckett were wrapping up the last of a case that allowed him to cage a rare bottle of Scotch hidden beneath a legendary bar.

With everyone in a good mood together,an impromptu rendition of "Piano Man" started up that was so inviting that even the stoic Kate Beckett joined right in. Quite a good way to cap off any show,if you ask me:

DOWNTON ABBEY DUET: The on again/off again romance of Mary and Matthew on the second season of Downton Abbey grew even more intense,as WWI divided the couple nearly for good.

Both of them were also involved with new partners,so each was willing to give the other one up out of a sense of honor. However,when Matthew went missing on the battlefield,Mary found it hard to keep a stiff upper lip. As she entertained the troops during a charity event,Matthew's return was a most welcome surprise and a very romantic accompaniment to her song " If I were the Only Girl in the World":

BIG BOLLYWOOD THEORY: A running gag on The Big Bang Theory a couple of seasons ago was Raj's crush on his best friend Howard's girlfriend Bernadette. This lead to one episode where he kept having vivid daydreams about winning her heart without upsetting his friends.

At one point,Bernadette confronted him about his standoffish behavior in the real world which lead to a Bollywood dance number where they declared to be each other's heart and universe. Eventually,Rai got over his longing for Bernadette but that magical music moment was worth it:

With any luck,more surprise song and dance outbreaks will crop up on TV as time goes on. Granted,these things can be easily overdone and become all too predictable but when it's timed just right,those sudden musical moments become ones to treasure:

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