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Friday, November 16, 2012

Some Thanksgiving pop culture prep

With Turkey Day less than a week away,it's good to take the time to reflect on the main event of this holiday(which is not bargain shopping,by the way!).

Thanksgiving is all about the meal and whether you're sticking to tradition or trying out something new, things can get a less stressful especially if you're having relatives over for dinner.

To serve up a little savory schadenfreude,here's a look at how some TV characters struggle with the prep work for Thanksgiving to whet your entertainment appetite:

GETTING EVERYTHING PERFECTLY RIGHT AND WRONG: The traditions of Thanksgiving can appear to be pretty chaotic to outsiders,as the undercover space alien clan on Third Rock From the Sun found out when it was their first time at it.

Once they realized that the end of the world wasn't at hand,more panic ensued as Sally had to figure out cooking and Harry had to not get upset over eating a turkey while Dick and Tommy got into a huge fight which actually made their holiday experience very authentic:

TURKEY TENSION: Cooking when you're angry is never a good option,yet that often happened in the Barone household on Everybody Loves Raymond,particularly at Thanksgiving when the food feuds between Debra and Marie were at their worst.

However,it was Debra's side of the family that stirred things up one year,when Raymond discovered that his in-laws were having a bit of marital trouble which his wife wanted desperately to deny.

Discussing the situation was a healthy thing to do but not helpful when you're trying to get a turkey into the oven or off the floor:

AN IMPROMPTU POPCORN DINNER: One of the most memorable holiday meals is the festive feast served for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,when Peppermint Patty invited herself and a few friends over for dinner.

Following Linus' advice,Charlie Brown whipped up what he knew how to cook best and frankly,I would like to see any batch of chefs on Chopped make a better meal out of buttered toast,pretzel sticks,jelly beans and popcorn than Snoopy can:

THE TROUBLE WITH TRIFLE: Desserts on Thanksgiving can vary from the usual array of pies but trying out a new recipe can be risky,as Rachel on Friends learned the hard way when she attempted a "traditional" English trifle.

Due to some of her recipe pages sticking together, what she made instead was a horrible tasting hybrid of trifle and Shepard's pie. It was a dish that her company was too kind to complain about and only the strange palate of Joey could appreciate:

Whatever you eat on Thanksgiving,the important thing is to enjoy the day with friends and family. Letting the stress get to you before dinner is no way to induce your appetite for the day. The smart thing to do is to handle everything with care,in order to save your strength for the clean-up,as well as the leftovers:

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