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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Twilight Saga's last movie gleaming

The big draw to movie-houses this past weekend has been the final film in the Twilight Saga,Breaking Dawn Part 2,which has earned about 141 million to date and so far,has turned out to be a real audience pleaser. Even those who are not fans of this series have (grudgingly) admitted to enjoying this last chapter,mainly due to the surprise twist towards the end of the story.

I won't give anything away,but the folks in the theater that I saw BD2 in on Friday night were clapping and cheering their heads,I can tell you that. I went to the show with my sister(a non-fan who liked the unexpected plot tweak quite a bit) and a couple of friends,with a good time had by all.

The story line for Breaking Dawn Part Two picks up where they left off,as Bella awakens from her maternal death bed as a new born vampire. Much to her surprise,she is quickly capable of controlling her blood thirst and adjusting to the new range of abilities that come with her eternal status.

There are a few flies in the ointment,as Bella is not thrilled to learn about Jacob's new attachment to her daughter Renesemee or having to let her father think that she's dead. Jacob decides on his own to spill the beans on that front,mainly by showing Charlie his transformation into werewolf form(a humorous done scene).

Bella then has the chance to let her dad into her new life,so to speak,but has to also leave him in the dark about certain things. That includes acting as human as possible,bringing back some of Bella's former physical awkwardness that we remember so well from earlier in the series:

Those problems become minor league all too soon as the Volturi learn of the new addition to the Cullen clan and readily assume that Renesmee is a vampire child prone to slaughter,so they gather up their forces to wipe the Cullens out.

Their first solution is to seek out other vampire allies to appear as "witnesses" to talk the Volturi out of destroying them and while a rather formidable array of new and old friends does show up,Edward is convinced that Aro,in particular,wants to take possession of the more powerful Cullens and eliminate the rest no matter what anyone says:

As I said early on here,T:BD is meant to please the ardent fans of the books and it does that job admiringly well. The performances are what we've all come to expect from the actors and actresses involved but a real stand-out amidst this crowd is Micheal Sheen's depiction of Volturi leader Aro. He seems to love playing over the top villains whenever he gets the chance to do so and does it with such fabulous flair that you're begging for more.

There are some people who are beyond happy to see the Twilight movies end and while I do have a sense of humor about my fandom,it is little disconcerting to see comments that suggest that all Twilight fans are stupid and could do the world a favor by leaving it for good.

Mellow out,folks,seriously! You have your pop culture pleasures and we have ours,so instead of trying to dance on the grave of the last Twilight film,tend to your own garden of guilty delights. To my fellow fans,let's be happy that this saga ended as well as it did and allow yourself to have a laugh or two about some of the Twilight tropes that we all know and love:

All in all,Breaking Dawn Part 2 was as satisfying as a Snickers bar for my vampire movie hunger and even when it gets nominated for the Razzies(you know it will)next year,I regret nothing about seeing it at all. Plus,I am the proud owner of a T:BD2 popcorn bucket and how cool is that?

As to those who are gleefully cackling about seeing the last of Stephanie Meyer in pop culture,think again gang. In March of 2013,the film adaptation of her sci-fi novel The Host will be arriving in theaters.

Starring Saoirse Ronan(Atonement, The Lovely Bones)with a screenplay by Andrew Niccol who also directs,this tale of a love triangle between two humans and an alien being should bring back the Twi-hards in droves,perhaps even converting a few of you into checking this out,maybe? Time will tell,I suppose. In the meantime,congrats to Stephanie Meyer for such giddy genre fun and thanks for having more to offer:

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