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Monday, December 17, 2012

Which Golden Globe songs will be sung at the Oscars?

The nominations for the 2013 Golden Globe awards came out last week,with the likes of Lincoln,Argo and Zero Dark Thirty scoring some good seats in the movie section.

Since these awards are good predictors for what will be up for the Oscars this winter,scrutiny is tighter than ever. With the Best Song category getting the short shift these days from the Academy,taking a closer look at the songs nominated for the Globes might offer some hope in that department:

SAFE & SOUND(HUNGER GAMES): Taylor Swift contributed two songs to the HG soundtrack,getting the nom for this mournful number that she performed with The Civil Wars. S&S has also gotten a Grammy nod as well,raising the stakes for it to included in the Oscar games this season.

The song itself is a a sweetly haunting number that reflects the somber notes within the story and film. Swift may be a young singer but her voice has the echoes of an old soul here:

SUDDENLY(LES MISERABLES): With most of the songs from the upcoming Le Miz movie not qualifying for this category,having a originally written one certainly comes in handy.

However,this song doesn't sound like a convenient tune simply for the sake of a nomination. It describes Jean Valjean's emotional reawakening as a father,something explored more in depth in the book and given the spotlight it deserves on film. Also,it would be awesome to have Hugh Jackman perform this live on TV,come on Academy,make it happen!:

NOT RUNNING ANYMORE(STAND UP GUYS): Speaking of throwaways,this Bon Jovi song from the upcoming gangster comedy is coma inducing,folks. Seriously, I had to turn it off midway through in order to not fall asleep at my computer.

To be fair,he is attempting to make a mature melody about facing up to life here but it's just so dreary and foot dragging to listen to(plus,the old man on the merry-go-round is a little creepy to me):

FOR YOU(ACT OF VALOR): A much livelier tune is this Keith Urban track from Act of Valor,a movie best known for casting actual active duty Navy SEALS. It was a late winter release that came and went,with only a Teen Choice Awards nomination for it's trouble.

The song is a good inspirational number that salutes our troops credibly and wouldn't be out of place on the Oscar stage,in my opinion. Let's see if it gets that far,folks:

SKYFALL(BOND MOVIE THEME): When it comes to safe bets,Adele's anthem for Skyfall is one of the better ones I've seen in a while. Bond movie songs are catnip to most Academy voters and yes,a few have been overlooked lately but I would be surprised if this wasn't up for Oscar gold.

Adele's powerful pipes give the song a flair that puts one in mind of Shirley Bassey's contributions to the Bond series. Not to mention that Skyfall did pretty well with both audiences and critics and action movies tend to not get the big spots on the Oscar roster,so seeing it highlighted in the Best Song category sounds like a given:

The Golden Globes will be handed out on January 13,a few days after the Oscar nominations are announced. Regardless of how the Best Songs stack up,the Globes will be fun to watch this time around,thanks to Ricky Gervais no longer being the party killing host.

Instead,Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be co-hosting the show and seeing as how they've been great at making memorable award show moments lately,this should be quite the entertaining evening. Just listening to the two of them exchange on stage banter is music to my ears:

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