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Monday, January 07, 2013

A Darcy Disciple's extra credit reads

This is becoming a very Jane Austen year for me, indeed. In addition to taking up Austenprose's P&P Bicentenary Challenge and planning to write another Austen themed e-book, there was a sweet sale on Darcy related e-books over this past weekend.

With eleven titles to choose from at 99 cents each,my options were overflowing. I took control,however,and purchased a lovely little quartet of novels that, while they are not officially part of my reading list for the P&P challenge,could be easily considered as extra credit(much as viewing the Lizzie Bennet Diaries already is for me). In the interest of spreading more of the Darcy love around,here are my bonus set of P&P connected books:

MR. DARCY,VAMPYRE: I have resisted the urge long enough to check out Amanda Grange's vision of our favorite Austen leading man as a blood sucking gentleman. While I don't find him to be the ideal vampire from this particular imaginary realm,he does possess the broodiness that such mournful immortals as Stefan Salvatore,Edward Cullen and Buffy's first nighttime lover Angel have had to make themselves most memorable to the ladies.

I am very willing to give this book a fair shot but I know that I would love it unconditionally if Darcy happens to snack on a few annoying supporting characters(Mr. Collins or Caroline Bingley,to name just two)in between bouts of wooing Lizzy-we shall see!:

LOVING MR. DARCY: Granted,this is the second volume in Sharon Lathan's Darcy saga but I may be able to borrow the first one from another source.

In the meanwhile,it is nice to have part of this delightful series in my digital library and this book takes place during the Darcy's honeymoon trip across England, as they meet with new friends and old,plus having a little romantic fun along the way:

A WEEKEND WITH MR. DARCY: Victoria Connelly brings the P&P passion into modern day chick lit times,as her leading lady Professor Katherine Roberts is determined to find a little peace of mind from her hectic professional life at a Jane Austen conference set in the quiet countryside.

That hoped for tranquility is shattered by a tall,dark and handsome stranger who could be the Darcy of her dreams. Connelly has two follow-up novels to this story and I'm looking forward to taking a mini-break with them all sometime soon before the year is out:

MR. DARCY'S SECRET: Last but I suspect far from the least of my purchases was Jane Owide's mystery laced tale that starts up not too long after Elizabeth and Darcy are married.

While getting used to being the mistress of such a large estate as Pemberley,Lizzie begins to hear rumors about her new husband's past that could threaten their future happiness,as well as his sister Georgiana's. I have heard good things about this book and am intrigued by this dark twist on Darcy's life with his beloved Bennet girl:

Now,don't go thinking that I have abandoned my darling print books for e-book mania there,folks. I will always adore a solid format for reading and am planning to add more to my physical library as well.

However,I do have a Nook in need of fresh books and when the perfect opportunity comes along for remedying such a deficiency, it would be foolhardy to purposely avoid it.

I really shouldn't feel the need to defend my fresh crop of Darcy delights but some might say it's internet law to show loyalty to the tried and true media while engaging in the new(kudos to The New Dork Review of Books for showcasing this funky little singalong first):

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