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Thursday, March 07, 2013

A TAR team stumbles ahead,Worst Cooks fumble with fire and ice and Face Off lights up the night

On this round of The Amazing Race, David and Connor did finally get the Express Pass that was promised to them,mainly due to John and Jessica not considering them much of a threat.

Dad David hurt his leg(torn a muscle and tendon running to the first Pit Stop) and after a couple of medical examinations,is going forth in crutches to continue the race. With both father and son being cancer survivors,pain and dealing with health issues is all too familiar to them yet it is a shame that this had to happen to them at all:

Fortunately,with the Express Pass in hand,David and Connor became the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop. They won a trip for their troubles but this was one of those "The Race is going on!" deals and were handed another clue to move on.

 That will be a relief for teams lagging behind such as Chuck and Wynona and maybe a chance for the more obnoxious ones(John and Jessica) to get kicked out. We'll see how things shake out in Bali soon enough, in what they're calling "the longest leg in TAR history!":

The recruits on Worst Cooks in America had a hot and cold set of challenges this week,starting with having to make their own special version of gelato.

Each team also had to make waffle cones from scratch within the 90 minutes allotted. That was tricky for some folks but Mike on Chef Anne's team made things much worse for himself by sampling too much ice cream.

 Mike is lactose intolerant and at first,only agreed to a small taste but went over board and had more than he should,getting sick as a dog during the cooking time. Dude,know your limits and work within them!:

Mike managed to survive the challenge and even make a fair showing in the next round,which was hamburger making. Not too complicated a dish,you would think,but plenty of people managed to screw it up there.

 The recruit who went home on Chef Anne's team,Aadip,didn't even make a burger of any sort because of his vegan status. As Chef Anne pointed out,he was welcome to make a veggie burger and in my opinion,he wasn't asked to eat the meat,just cook it for Chef Anne to taste. If you're cooking for someone else,shouldn't you make something more in line with their wishes than your own?

 The guy who went home on Bobby Flay's team,Alex, was worse,since he constantly had an argument for every suggestion and critique that Flay gave him. Maybe it's just me but if an Iron Chef wants to give you some of their time and advice,your best bet is to shut up and listen.

 Next week,Sweet Genius Ron Ben-Israel will stop by to give the teams a baking lesson and everyone tries their hand at Chinese food. The twist is that they have finish cooking before the delivery guy shows up and judging by some of these wannabe chefs,it might be better to wait for the takeout:

The make-up artists on Face Off had a challenge this week that tested a particular element that has been giving most of them a lot of trouble;painting. They were asked to make a missing link type of creature(using either earth,air fire or water)that would have luminescent paint added to the design.
The point of that was to get a different look for their creature under black light.

Most of them didn't do the crucial second layer of paint well enough to really show up in the dark yet Anthony's tiger shark themed beast was amazing looking in both styles of lighting to win the day. Eric F. and his jellyfish creation was also awesome but a tad unfinished,which at least earned him second place.

 This was a double elimination,so we had to say goodbye to Megan for her lackluster approach to what was supposed to be a Venus flytrap rock monster hybrid.

 It was just a hot molten mess,in and out of the dark. Granted,she suffered through a nasty bout of food poisoning during the challenge but that was no excuse for her lack of focus on this project.

 Eric Z, had to go home as well,also for a lack of originality and design. He claimed that his rock creature was a "rabble rouser" but the judges thought it resembled a badly molded "cookie monster" instead.

Next week,the theme is Egyptian mummies which is tied into the new remake of The Evil Dead(why that needs a remake is beyond me). Since mummies are a very classic movie monster,this should be fun yet extra challenging to make your own special stamp on for the artists.

 Hopefully,time management will not come back to haunt them,as it has done for many of the folks we've seen come and go this season:


HELL'S KITCHEN: A fresh new season of quiet and calm culinary competition starts on March 12 and if you believe the first half of that statement,I have a bridge in Brooklyn up for sale for the right price,folks:

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